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Kitty’s New York Adventure X-Men: Evolution. Chapter V. Interview With the Arachnid. Part 4.

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26th January 2011

Kitty’s New York Adventure X-Men: Evolution. Chapter V. Interview With the Arachnid. Part 4.

Kitty’s New York Adventure X-Men: Evolution.

Chapter V. Interview With the Arachnid. Part 4.

Continue of adult cartoon story “Kitty’s New York Adventure. X-Men: Evolution.

As the two of them looked at her with confused expressions, Kitty pointed to her groin and started a genital morph. Needless to say, the reaction to the appearance of the dong was a replay of Sue’s earlier. “My god, Kitty!” Mary Jane exclaimed.

May was stunned. “Can all mutants do that?”

“No, just the x-girls. It was a freak accident, like the spider bite. It has nothing to do with my phasing power, but by being around other mutants in a particular situation.”

“You can all do it? Amara, Jean, Rahne?”


“Wow, you must have some interesting times at the mansion.”

Kitty grinned. “You have no idea. Even Tabitha and Danielle can do it, and they don’t even live there, just visit.”

Mary Jane was more interested in action than talk. She reached out and touched the dick. Then she played with it, moving it in all directions and twisting it. “Ooooooh, it’s just like the real thing. And big.”

May helped her mother handle Kitty’s dick. With two sexy women touching it, the dick was already starting to harden, amazing them even further. After a few moments of stroking, Kitty had a raging hardon. “Looks like it works the same,” MJ said dazedly.

Despite their unfamiliarity with dicks on girls, the Parker women certainly knew how they worked in general. May took the dick in her mouth, while her mother licked the shaft and played with the balls. May alternated shallow and deep sucks, then she fed the dick to her mother. Mary Jane took over smoothly, while May did the external stimulation. The two of them handed off Kitty’s dick back and forth as it grew ever harder.

“Uhhhhhhhhh,” Kitty moaned.

Finally Kitty’s tool was ripe. May laid Kitty on her back, then sat on the dick. Her mother sat on Kitty’s face. The two of them looked at each other as they shared Kitty.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm,” May moaned as the dick slid inside her. “It feels good.”

Mary Jane smiled. “This end does too.” She closed her eyes as Kitty licked her, writhing a little. Kitty reached up to play with MJ’s tits.

Mary Jane leaned over, almost into a 69 position, then placed her head barely touching May, so that her daughter’s body rubbed against it as she moved up and down. She gave the thigh quick kisses as it went past. May held her mother’s head as she continued driving Kitty into herself. “Ohhhhhhhhh. God, Kitty, you feel awesome inside me.”

“And I can feel inside you too. Now I ask you, isn’t this better than a fucking strapon?”

“Ya sold me. I like mutant sex. Why don’t you move into my room?”

“Better yet, come to the mansion. Depending on who’s visiting, you might have like 10 girlcocks to play with.”

Since Kitty was shorter, Mary Jane’s luscious tits were a difficult reach, but she loved touching them. She couldn’t quite cup them, so she just pressed her hand against them on the bottom side, the one closest to her, as they hung straight down. But she was neglecting that beautiful ass, so she brought one of her hands back for that, alternately stroking and smacking the ass cheek on that side.

Mary Jane and May leaned forward and kissed, while handling each other’s tits at the same time. May stroked her mom’s long hair, while Mary Jane held her daughter’s neck. Then May ran her fingertips across Kitty’s tits, lightly stroking them as she kissed her mom.

As she lapped up Mary Jane’s ample love juice, Kitty decided to play some more mutant tricks. She phased her hand into MJ’s lower body, probing for the love canal. When she found it, she dephased her fingertip and stroked Mary Jane on the inside wall.

MJ gasped. “Oh, my fucking god, that feels amazing!”

May couldn’t see anything from her position. “What?”

“She’s fingering me on the inside. Deep inside, where a finger can’t reach. Yet she’s still using her tongue on the opening. That’s just… Ohhhhhhhhh. I’ve never felt anything like that before. You have to try it. I’ll keep the motor running on the dick.”

May pulled herself off Kitty and swapped positions with her mother. Mary Jane sucked the dick, savoring the taste of her daughter on it. After Kitty located May’s tunnel, the younger Parker soon cried out as her mother had. “Oh, shit! You’re right. Uhhhhhhhhhhh. It’s fucking indescribable. Nnnnnnnghhhh.”

Unfortunately, Kitty was not able to do it for long. “I’m sorry, a long phase tires me out.”

“That’s okay, Kitty,” May said. “I got a hell of a lot of enjoyment in a short time. That was cool.” Mary Jane added her approval.

The trio changed positions again. Mary Jane got on her knees, ready for Kitty to ram her from behind, but May had other ideas. She told Kitty to sit on the bed, with her legs up in the air. Then she put her hands under Kitty’s ass and lifted her off the bed. May moved forward on her knees, carrying Kitty, until she was right behind Mary Jane. “Guide your dick into Mom.” Kitty pointed the dick toward MJ’s pussy, as May moved the smaller girl’s entire body in that direction. Then Kitty was inside and May moved her bodily forward and back, driving the dick in and out of Mary Jane.

“Holy shit,” Kitty said. “I’ve done a lot of crazy things sexually, but I’ve never been used as a dildo before.”

“Well, after your trick, I had to show what I could do. Usually my powers are mainly for smacking people around and breaking shit. But this way I can use them for sex too. I can do this for hours. To me, you don’t weigh anything.”

Kitty giggled. “I’ll bet this isn’t the only sex trick you can do with your powers. The webbing would be pretty good for bondage.”

Kitty hung there in May’s arms and enjoyed it. She was getting all the sensation and didn’t have to do any work, other than to keep her legs up and out of the way. It was obvious that Mary Jane was also enjoying May’s efforts. “Uhhhhhhhhhhh.”

A few minutes later, Mary Jane announced that she was close to cumming. “If I let go, will you be able to last for May, Kitty?”

“Sure. I’ve had this thing a couple of months. As much as I use it, I’m way past the premature ejac stage.”

“I’d sort of like you in my ass when I cum. Is that okay?”

“You’ll have to talk to May about that. I’m just the dildo.”

Mary Jane laughed as May pulled Kitty out of her, then waited as the mutant girl pointed the dick toward the other orifice. “Easy, May, Kitty’s a little bigger than most traffic I’ve had back there.” May pushed Kitty and her dick foward slowly, giving Mary Jane time to adjust. “Uhhhhhhhhh.” Once Kitty was well inside, May started the rhythm again. Now that her pussy was unoccupied, MJ diddled herself as her ass was reamed.

Kitty again enjoyed the effort-free sensation. MJ’s ass was tighter, so there was more sensation to enjoy. Kitty started to wonder if she would be able to hold her orgasm after all, but if she started getting close, she would warn May.

It was only a couple of moments before Mary Jane cried out. “I’m cumming! Gluhhhhhhhh.” She arched her back, riding the waves of pleasure flowing through her. May pulled Kitty out and sat her on the bed as she watched her mother writhe around. Then with a final groan MJ collapsed to the bed.

“Okay, Kitty,” May said. “I’m ready for you to finish me off now.” She kneeled and waited for she smaller girl to enter her.

“What, I have to do it myself this time?” Kitty teased. She inserted herself into May and started hammering. May moaned and whipped her head around as Kitty reamed her pussy, slapping her ass on occasion.

“You’ll need to pull out before I cum,” May said breathlessly. “My vaginal muscles are as strong as the others. I might crunch your dick. Dad is the only person who can be inside when I cum.”

“Un, thanks for the warning.”

Kitty fucked May for a few more minutes, then the older girl started moaning louder. “Pull out now, Kitty.”

Kitty was quick to comply and May finished herself off. “Uuunnnngggggghhh.”

After May wound down, Mary Jane put Kitty face up on the bed and grabbed the dick. “I want to see it shoot.” She and May took turns jerking Kitty as the mutant girl moaned and held onto them. Suddenly Kitty groaned and shot cum way up her front, covering one of the nipples. Several more spurts followed that one.

“Good god, Kitty,” Mary Jane said. “What a load.” She watched in amazement as the goo just kept spurting out, enjoying the spectacle of a girl doing this.

After the flow finally stopped, Mary Jane retrieved a washcloth and May helped with the cleanup. Both of them licked up some of the cum and gently cleaned up the rest with the cloth, as Kitty held onto them affectionately. Finally the now-clean Kitty smiled and stretched. “Fuck the conference. I’ll just stay here until it’s time to go home.”

to be continued…

Author is Jackrabbit

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