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13th January 2011

Family Guy Porn Story

It was the middle of summer at Quahog, the heat had risen but there was a cool breeze in the air. Brain was in a small kiddy pool that was intended for stewie but was Brian’s best way too cool off during the hot summer months. Brian was floating and enjoying the cool water on his fur, he got up for a few minutes taking another sip of his martini and looking around the yard while he licked his dry lips. Just as he was about to dose off floating in the pool again Louis came out in a semi hurry, she had just come back from cleaning up one of peters misadventures.

“Brian TELEPHONE!!!!!!!!!!!! it’s jasper he seems a bit upset”, Louis words rang through brain like a clock bell on Sunday

Brian gets out of the little pool and dries himself off, he puts back on his collar and gulps down his martini, “do you mind if i take this in the house?”, brain says casually.

“sure brain just say hello to jasper for me”
” I will Louise”, he went inside and started talking too jasper

It was ‘t any longer than a minute or two after all the initial catching up and hellos before Brian got an earful of what apparently happened too Ricardo and jaspers marriage plans. It seemed Ricardo only married jasper so he could get his green card, the news had hit the fan 3 months into the marriage but before Ricardo was very pushy and bossy toward his new husband. Then one day after announced the reason of their engagement Ricardo just simply left jasper and headed east.
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