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25th June 2007

New Design for OnlineSuperHeroes.com

Kim Possible Ron Shego DrakkenSuperMan WonderWoman

I am going to update design for my site Onlinesuperheroes Here is some sketches

Please write me at comments if you would like to see anybody special =)

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21st June 2007

Quality Time

This is the second episode that is following after the “Mommy what are Lesbians” episode.     

   Jane likes the days when she was alone with Dora-Wilma. They have their own style of having quality time with each other’s.           

   And both enjoy the lesbian Games they had. And each time they played longer and of course wilder. And their relationship grows stronger, not in a normal state, but it grows. Thanks to the Magazines they found in Arthur’s room they had both a quite verity of games they could play together.

   Jane loves to strip in front of her daughter, and she gets really turned on when she thought that next to D.W was Arthur. But for now it was enough to play with her little daughter. And like the first time, as she enters the world of incest, she was wet and extremely juicy.

   To keep this as an secret they had decide to play in D.W’s room, then it would be more then tricky and difficult to explain Arthur why his bed was made with new covers each third day. But the room of her little Girl was perfect.

   Jane: “Now it is time for our favorite Game. Or what do you think?” she said her voice filled with a horny tone.

   Dora-Wilma nodded and moved to the naked body of her mother and with a smile she starts to lick the wet and dripping pussy lips of her mother. First up and down but then slowly entering the channel that was filled with tasty honey.

   Jane moaned and tries to stand and not fall to her knees, but the little, fast and well-educated tongue of her daughter let her pussy spasm more then once…. Read the rest of this entry »

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14th June 2007

Pokemon Breeding Center. Part II.

  For a second, I thought my wish had been granted. The starlight was blotted out as Rhydon appeared out of the semi-darkness. Then my hopes fell, and I could almost hear my spirit break. Far from attacking Machamp, he stepped up to my head and flexed some abdominal muscles. A part of the natural armor that covered his crotch slid aside, allowing his hard cock to pop out into the cool night air. He had only one, but the shape was interesting… almost like a cone, quite pointy and very fat towards the bottom, but it became slim again a bit further down. Hard to describe, really, but it would obviously be easier to get in than to get out. Either way, he wasted no time pushing it into my face, and one look at his armored fists was enough to convince me that refusing him would be bad for my health. So, I opened my mouth as far as it would go, and took him in.Somewhat thicker than either of Machamp’s, more than twice as thick where it was biggest… and almost as long. My jaws hurt when he tried to push in the thick part, and I hoped he would realize that it could never fit. But he didn’t take no for an answer, not even when it came from a set of facial bones. Pushing my head into his crotch with both hands, he thrust forwards and almost dislocated my jaw as he finally managed to force the bulge past my teeth. I despaired as to getting it out again without loosing several teeth, but there was little time to worry about the future. He hadn’t wasted any time, and was already fucking my face with as long strokes as the bulge would allow, going well into my throat. Well, I had gotten a quick lesson in technique a bit earlier, and I reasoned that the sooner he came, the sooner I could get that choking staff out of my mouth.

As I began actively sucking Rhydon’s staff, Machamp’s lower cock ejected its wad into my womb. With my sensitive ears, I felt I could almost hear the sound of his bursts hitting the walls of my cunt. He didn’t even slow down, though, since his upper dick hadn’t cum yet. Probably because I had sucked that one off only minutes earlier. It would take time before that one could blow again, and it was clear that he had no intention of stopping until that happened. Tears started flowing down my cheeks as I realized that my torment would probably last all night. It quickly became obvious, though, that Machamp was getting impatient. Till then, he had fucked me with long, hard strokes, and I had more or less gotten used to it by then. But suddenly, he speeded up, and started to push both his cocks deeper and harder. Holding me by the base of my tail, he was pulling me into his thrust, ensuring that every stroke went as deep as possible. His thick, gray skin hardly made a sound as it collided with my furry haunches, but the strength of the thrusts was punishing. My tears kept flowing as I sobbed around Rhydon’s cock.

While Machamp put his entire body into the fuck, Rhydon slowed down his thrusts into my throat. I instantly realized that he was about to pull out, and strained my jaws to the extreme to make it possible. He pulled out, but grunted in pain as my canines dragged along the bulge in his cock. It gave me some satisfaction to know that I had returned a fraction of the pain he had caused me. After getting it all the way out, he pushed it at my face and grunted “Rrrrhydon!” Knowing better than to argue, I complied and started licking his cock with my tongue. Compared to having it forced into my throat, it was almost pleasant, but it forced me to taste it. Towards the tip, I tasted something bitter, and figured that his plundering cock had probably picked up some of the load that Machamp had deposited in my throat shortly before Rhydon arrived. I found the taste unpleasant, but knew that I would probably be tasting much more of it before long.

Finally sated, Machamp cried out “Machaaaaamp!!”, and pushed himself as far into me as he could get while his upper cock released the second load of the night…. Read the rest of this entry »

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12th June 2007

Mommy what are Lesbians???

     It was a quite morning in the Radcliff Household. Arthur and his Father are gone to Fishing and Jane and her both girls stay at home. Well mostly it was quite. But toady it was perfect. There was now quality time for things that waited to be finished. And. There is a lot of that.

     Well doing the chores is not a real good point to put into the useful time. But it has to be done. Jane know that Dora-Wilma will find a way to play alone, and her little baby sleep for the next Hours. She would not be disturbed from someone in the next hours. So she starts to move through all the rooms for cleaning.

     Well it was not to hard to clean the rooms without her son on their near. Sometimes he was one of the creators of the mess she had to clean up, including his sister of course. But children are children. When they get older and grew up, they would clean up their mess by their own. But for now she has to clean up after them. Well after three hours the house was clean.

     Exhausted from the work Jane decides to take a little time for her to rest. DW was somewhere in the house and the other child. Well it was still sleeping. But she starts to think about what she can do now. There are not many ways to choose.

     But the problems are solving without something she controls. Or might other parts of her body take over the control. She fell strange, or better hot. First she mean that this come from the work but it was a burning from inside. She notice that her crotch start to get warmer and somehow she feel the feeling that the fabric of her panty gets wet by her own juices. And she feels that her nipples start to stiffen under her shirt. An exciting and pushing feeling that move her body into lust.

     Her hands move slowly on her body down… Read the rest of this entry »

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10th June 2007

Pokemon Breeding Center. Part I.

Crystal was just biking towards Goldenrod, when she noticed a sign hanging outside the Pokemon daycare. It read: “Our business has evolved. We now got enough space to keep 3 Pokemons at the time.” Crystal went through her mental catalogue of Pokemon. Was there any that could need some time there? Then she smiled and went in.

“Why, hello my dear.” Said the old lady who ran the place. “Du you want us to take care of some of your Pokemons?” Crystal nodded and handed her two pokeballs she had been carrying. “Yeah. There’s my lvl. 65 Rhydon, it has gotten kind of arrogant and aggressive lately. Same thing with my lvl. 55 Machamp. They’ve been that way ever since I used them to beat the Elite Four, and I think they could use some peace and quiet, to calm them down.” “That’s fine, dearie… we’ll take good care of them. Do you have someone for the third slot?” Crystal nodded, and went over to the computer in the corner. A few minutes later, she returned with a pokeball. “Here’s a lvl. 5 Eevee… I’m thinking about turning her into a Vaporeon later, but I don’t have any Water Stones. So, maybe she could gain a few levels here, just until I find one.” The old lady nodded. “Certainly. There’s plenty of room in the pen outside. They’ll have fun. Just come back whenever you want them back.” Crystal smiled, nodded, and left.

I looked around curiously when I was released outside. The pen was secure, with high walls preventing escape, while allowing us to watch the people pass by outside. I could sense that many of the bypassers were pokemon trainers, so there would probably be an occasional fight. It was nice to be outside again… I had spend a long time in my pokeball by then, sitting in the storage system, waiting… actually, that was what most of my young life had been spend doing. My first memory was of emerging from an egg, carried by Crystal, my owner. Immediately after, I was put in a pokeball, so I barely had the time to get a good look at the world. She never used me in a fight, but the other five pokemon she was carrying told me bit about the world. I learned that the egg I had emerged from came from this place – the daycare center. That my mother was an Espeon, and that I had three brothers: Flareon, Jolteon and Umbreon. I would one day become a Vaporeon, and the family would be complete.

The two I would be sharing this yard with were both much bigger and much older than I. They were also both male, though the importance of that fact had not yet registered to me. Neither of them seemed to be capable of relaxing. Machamp was furiously attacking the air, launching swift series of jabs with his lower set of arms, while blocking unseen blows with the upper pair. Rhydon was drilling holes in the air with his rotating horn, the ground shaking slightly every time he set his foot down. I, on the other hand, was perfectly content doing nothing, just enjoying the fresh air and sunlight. 

A few days later, both of the guys had calmed down some… well, actually, they had just gotten tired of fighting the thin air. It got increasingly obvious that the inactivity was getting to them, but I didn’t care. Communication between us had been on a bare minimum, since they obviously considered themselves to be much better than me. And who were I to argue? Although I had spend some time out of my egg, I had seen nothing of the world, never fought a battle, and I was still only lvl. 5. They hardly noticed me. Until… it was the evening of our third day together. I was thirsty, and went to the pond to get something to drink. I bent forward and lapped up some water, but felt strangely like being watched. I quickly got up, and turned around. A ways behind me, Machamp was sitting starring at me with an expressionless face. Then I noticed a large bulge in his tight shorts. I felt my skin redden under my fur… when I had bent forward, my young slit had been revealed to him, obviously exiting him. I would have to be more careful in the future… Read the rest of this entry »

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8th June 2007

The Wrong Spell

It was a mostly peaceful morning in the Spellman household. Unlike ordinary girls, she is a witch in training and lives with her aunts Hilda and Zelda, both full-fledged witches. They’re good “parents”, when they don’t act like children and abuse their magic to plague each other. Among the mostly normal things in the house are Quickly and the tomcat Salem. Salem was once a wizard who was transformed into a tomcat until he finishes serving time for his crimes. The lesson: never be caught when you try to take over the world. Quickly is the housekeeper. Cleaning, cooking and sometimes teaching the others were his jobs in the Spellman household.

But back to the peaceful moments Sabrina experienced in her room. She woke up late, but this was necessary – she had vacation, and sometimes even a witch in training needs some time to gather new strength. Somehow she slept more when the stupid alarm didn’t go insane. She stayed in bed for a while, but eventually decided that she had to get up. Sabrina leaft the warmth of the sheets and stood in her nightdress in front of her clothes. Slowly she striped out of her nightie and looked in the mirror. She liked the view of her body, and of course she knew how to make herself relax. She ran her hands tenderly over her growing breasts and down to her crotch. She liked to touch her sensitive parts, and eagerly awaited her full physical development. In reflex one of her fingers entered her magical garden, and started to move slowly around. The pleasure she felt was quite good. But she shortly stopped and looked to her normal clothes. “Not now!” she said to herself as she dressed.

She decided to get some breakfast, but as she opened her door she could hear that her aunts were in full action. Each morning the same scene – one of them starts a quarrel, and it gets out of control. Sabrina did what she could to calm them, but mostly without success, and so they kept on fighting. But this time they pissed Sabrina off. In particular, when Hilda threw a glass of orange juice in Sabrina’s face.

She yelled, and for a short moment there was silence in the kitchen. Her aunts had fixed their attention on Sabrina, standing dripping in the middle of the kitchen… Read the rest of this entry »

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2nd June 2007

Fears and desires between Bart and Lisa Simpson

Dreams come true

   ‘It’s a good thing Homer isn’t here,’ Lisa thought as she played the blues on her saxophone.  She had not felt well today at school and hoped that her instrument would help soothe her as it often did, but today it failed at the task.  She had too much on her mind to let the music reach her heart.  Even when she tried to do some homework to push her ill thoughts aside, she simply couldn’t concentrate and had taken the surprising decision to put it aside.  Besides, she knew Mrs. Hoover wouldn’t mind since after all, Lisa was the best student in class and even without the home work, would be able to score straight As.
The ordeal had started the day before, as Lisa was cruising on her sax, deciding to play one last song and then write in her diary.  When she played, she didn’t always consciously choose a song; sometimes she just let her fingers play by themselves and choose by themselves, almost as if the song were her master rather then the opposite.  That night, she played a song by the late Bleeding Gums Murphy, one of her mentors and best friends.  The soft rhythm had made her a bit melancholic and as she blew the last note, a tear in her eye, she had thought: ‘that was for you Bleeding Gums.’  She had then turned her head to the album of the artist she had, Sax on the Beach.
        Even after so long, Lisa still couldn’t believe that she actually owned the very rare album.  And more surprising was that her brother Bart had been the one to buy it for her in an unexpected selfless act. Just thinking about the circumstances, how he had been lucky to have that much money but still decided to spend it on her, brought another tear to her eye.  Neither sibling had told anyone about the gesture, Bart wanting to keep the generous act a secret for some obscure reason.
        She put the saxophone aside, her brother still the center of her train of thoughts.  ‘Then again, I don’t really understand him.  No one does.’  Every time Lisa thought she had him all figured out as a bad boy, Bart seemed to pull off a selfless caper which threw her off completely.  Even their mother didn’t completely understand the boy but of course she still loved him all the same.  After a while, Lisa accepted that to comprehend Bart would require more than simple deductive reasoning.  Maybe…
        Bart was disappointed.  Sitting on his bed, in the room adjacent to his sister’s, he had been listening to the song for many minutes now.  Although he would never admit it to a soul, he loved to hear Lisa play her saxophone and tonight especially since the notes seemed to reflect the melancholy of his soul.  He hated that he had to hide his emotions like that to the world lest he wouldn’t get the respect he needed to survive school.  But survival wasn’t a choice, it was a necessity and along the years, he had at times acted a bit too extreme for the people around him and his family.  Those extremes still helped his case at school, but it did come at a price.
        But under all of his misdeeds, Bart hid true and pure emotions.  Some part of the untameable bad boy act was his true personality, but he still had a certain desire for peace and certainly did not want to make his family and friends miserable.  He could never forget what had happened during hockey game opposing him to his sister who served as goal tender to the other team.  The opposing team had roughed up one of their players and Bart had been offered a penalty shot.  To the outside world, it had seemed like a simple game opposing two teams in the junior series finale.  For the Simpson family however, it was able a brother and sister out for blood on the ice.  This penalty shot would determine the victor.
Read the rest of this entry »

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