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Kimitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery Chapter IV. So Many Kims, So Little Time. Part 3.

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19th January 2011

Kimitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery Chapter IV. So Many Kims, So Little Time. Part 3.

Kimitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

Chapter IV. So Many Kims, So Little Time. Part 3.

Continue of Kim Possible porn story “Kimitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery“.

Just as Tara was situated, the chime went off, indicating that the next batch of clones was coming out of the pipe. Kim retrieved Monique’s three K-models and lone Bonnie. Since Tara was now occupied, the three remaining girls started sucking. Kim worked on two at once, while Monique diddled herself with the other hand to get ready for them.

Monique wanted a face down position, so when the clones were ready, one of the Kims was on the bottom this time, and the single Bonnie was in her ass from above. Monique blew K22, who was on her knees, stradling the bottom Kim. At the same time, she jerked K41, who was lying beside them.

As before, it was hard to get the clones to coordinate their thrusting, since they hadn’t a clue what was going on, but after a few minutes of direct manipulation, they had a rhythm going.

Kim brought in the next batch of clones, two Bonnies and two Kims, one of which was a full female.

Bonnie shook her head. “I didn’t ask for a girl.”

Kim grinned. “They’re all girls.”

“You know what I mean. A girl girl.”

“These aren’t yours, they’re the spares. They’re going to fuck each other, sort of a live porn movie to turn us on even more.”

Kim and Bonnie got the clones hard or wet, depending on equipment. Then Kim lubed up one of the Bonnies, bent the girl Kim over with hands on knees, and guided the dick into her pussy. After she started them up, she turned her attention to the other couple. The target was the asshole this time, due to the absence of a pussy. She lubed up K14’s dick.

“Wait a minute. Shouldn’t you reverse them? We didn’t want one that size up our asses.”

“She can take it,” Kim said. “She’s done it before.” Kim rubbed Bonnie-10’s back affectionately while she applied lube to her asshole with three fingers. “You love it up the ass, don’t you, baby girl?” B10 squirmed and made happy noises, though she was of course reacting to the backrub and fingers, not the words. A few more minutes and K28 was piledriving away. Kim lubed up B10’s dick and started her jerking herself, which she was happy to continue.

Bonnie looked at Kim with raised eyebrows. “Is there something symbolic about this? Kim fucking Bonnie in the ass?”

Kim grinned. “Not really, but I will admit that I used to have fantasies along these lines, back when you were tormenting me. I’ll bet the brace girl has them about Nina now.”

The chime went off again. “It’s showtime for you,” Kim said as she went to retrieve Bonnie’s batch of clones.

Kim and Bonnie brought the new quartet of clones up to speed, alternating blowing and jerking with two clones each.

Then Kim helped Bonnie get situated. “Does it matter who goes where? Aside from keeping the Kims out of your ass?”

“Actually, I’ve been thinking about that. If my clone can do it, with exactly the same body I have, I can too. Give me a shitload of lube.”

Kim started applying the lube to Bonnie’s asshole, starting with one finger and then putting in more to prepare her for what was coming. “You want a Bonnie in the other hole, right?”

“No, put the other Kim there.”

“You want them in both holes? That’s a lot of dick inside you at once.”

“Tell me about it. I can’t wait. Quit talking so much and get them ready.”

Kim laughed and continued lubing Bonnie and the back Kimclone, while Bonnie fingered herself and applied lube to the clone in front.

Finally Bonnie was ready. “Let me take K14 into my pussy and then you can help get the other Kim, I forgot her number, into my ass.” It wasn’t too much effort getting K14 into her, as the clone wasn’t that much bigger than Brick. Then she moved forward again to that the dick was almost out, giving herself slack for the other one. “Okay, put the end up against me and I’ll try to push back onto it.”

Kim manipulated K3 so that the head of the dick was up against Bonnie’s sphincter, and held it there. Then she put her own body behind K3 as an anchor, to prevent the clone from backing up when Bonnie pushed against her. “Okay, back it up.”

Bonnie could feel the head against her. It felt even bigger than she knew it was, like she was sitting on a fire hydrant or torpedo made of flesh. She tried to relax as much as possible and started to push backward. Nothing seemed to be happening. She grunted and pushed a little harder. Now she felt herself opening a little. She stopped for a second, then started pushing again, feeling her sphincter open a little more. The head was starting to go inside. She kept pushing and it continued going in a little farther. She felt the pressure and it was uncomfortable, but it wasn’t hurting too much. “Uh!”

Kim held K3’s dick and played with the clone’s nipples with her other hand to make sure the hardon stayed. “It’s starting to go in, Bonnie. But you’ll have to open up still more to get the head in.”

“More? Shit!” Bonnie grunted and started pushing again, maintaining a steady pressure. She felt herself opening even more and could feel part of the head inside her. She kept pushing and eventually reached a point where she wasn’t opening any more, yet the dick was still moving slowly into her. “Please tell me the head’s inside.”

“It is. All the way.”

“God, that’s a relief. I don’t think I could go any wider without tearing something.”

Now that the hard part was over, Bonnie continued backing up on K3’s dick, which of course forced K14 deeper inside her as well. Both clones were making little noises of pleasure, because they could feel each other, as well as her clamping down on them.

Bonnie kept moving back, but couldn’t get K3 in all the way, mainly because K14 hit her back wall first. She held her position for a few seconds, breathing hard, then started the outstroke. Back in again, and she was starting a rhythm with her two lovers.

“This is going to work great,” Kim said. “You don’t have to depend on the K-clones to do anything other than stay hard. You can control the thrusting yourself.”

Kim positioned the Bonnie clones on either side of the real Bonnie, then went to retrive her own set of clones for her own 5-way. Bonnie wasn’t exactly sure how to utilize her two namesakes. She couldn’t suck them because she was moving too much. She couldn’t jerk both of them because she had to prop herself up with one arm. She finally alternated jerking both of them with the one free hand.

Kim brought her group of clones to the last makeshift bed. She didn’t have anyone to help her with the sucking or the positioning of the clones, but it was no big deal. She had been doing this by herself for months and had the procedure down, so she actually got everything sorted out and got down to fucking quicker than the other girls had. As she got the rhythm established, she looked around the room to see that everyone was going strong, including the clones doing each other. If only her film crew had been here to capture 25 girls fucking like minks. And the hilarious thing was that 23 of them were either Kim or Bonnie. Not your everyday orgy.

to be continued…

Author is Jackrabbit

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