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Family Fun – Family Guy Porn Story. Part 2

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21st January 2011

Family Fun – Family Guy Porn Story. Part 2

Family Fun – Family Guy Porn Story. Part 2

Chris called all the guys over for a practice the next morning. He had to brag about his conquest of his sister Meg. He couldn’t wait to tell them all how she begged him to fuck her. He was dying to see their jealous faces.

“Your kidding!”  Cleveland jr said. After Chris had recounted his tale to his very attentive audience.

“Holy shit Chris,”  Kevin said, Images of Meg’s naked body running through his mind. “Your so fucking lucky. I’d kill to get to fuck your sister.”

“She was begging for it Kevin, I’d say you’ve still got a good chance of fucking her if you get her in the right mood.” Chris replied smiling at the looks of envy he was getting.

“That’d be fucking great.”  Neil said, as thoughts of Meg, as just a friend gone from his head after hearing her bothers story.

“Do you really think she’d go for it?” Cleveland asked.

“I think she would,”  Chris said pensively. “You should have seen her. She would have done anything to get some cock. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’d take the whole fucking team,” he said half jokingly.

“Are you serious Chris?” “Meg? Your sister Meg?” Brain asked still feeling torn between wanting to keep Meg as a friend and wanting to give her a go himself.

“Don’t be such a pussy,” Brain.  “You know you want to nail her just as much as we all do.” Chris said. He turned back to Kevin and responded, “She did seem willing to fuck anything that moved yesterday, She might just go for it.  ”

“Chris if you could get her to do that you’d be the best fucking person alive,”  Kevin said.

“Yeah Chris,”  Cleveland jr said, looking hopefully to him, wanting to hear about this with assurance.

“Hey, I just said she might,”  Chris said.  “I call her over today and try and talk around it.” “I bet if we just got her hot enough she’d take whatever we gave her.” Plans were already hatching in his mind of getting his sister to be the teams personal fuck toy.

Meg was home that same morning unaware of the team gaining knowledge of her and her brothers endeavours from the following days. She lay naked in bed her hands running along her hot wet cunt, slick with her juices as she recalled yesterdays events.

She was so turned on just from thinking about her brother fucking her. She had never been so turned on by a guy before. She felt like she needed to fuck him again. She was dying to have his hard thick cock deep in her tight wet cunt again. Her desire to be fucked again completely won out over anything else even her relationship as his sister with him and the team finding out. She just needed to be fucked, and fucked hard.

Her fingers ran slowly along her slit, gently circling her clit, drawing moans from her body. She pushed two fingers deep into her dripping wet pussy fucking herself hard remembering her brothers hard cock slamming into her. She was panting as she fingered herself, her body begging for release.

She was suddenly reminded of Chris’s fat fingers fucking her tiny virgin ass. She loved the way they felt, stretching her out. She felt so full, so sexy. It made her feel like a slut and she loved that. Her fingers left her sopping wet cunt and gently ran back to her asshole. She ran her wet fingers in small circles around her hole, moaning in appreciation as she did. She gently pushed against her tight hole imagining it was her brothers thick cock that was taking her from behind. She groaned as her fingers began fucking, hard deeper and deeper into her tiny virgin asshole.
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