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24th March 2009

X-Men Porn Story

 Scott nearly sprinted down the halls of the institute. He had to show Bobby the new porn dvd he bought.   

Without even thinking about knocking on Bobby’s room door, Scott charged in.  

At first he had no idea what he was seeing, Bobby was sitting at the head of his bed naked while,  Gambit who was also naked was spralled across Bobby’s bed and sucking his dick.  

Shocked Scott kept silent and closed the door.  

Because the man and the boy were in a state of such euphoria. They did not realize that they now had a one man audience.   

Scott studied the 2 for at least 10 minutes.  

By now the man and boy had switched positions Bobby was now deep throating Gambit’s massive cock.  

Scott decided he could not sit through it anymore he had to make his presence known. Scott stepped out from back of the open closet door.   

Gambit looked away from Bobby’s mouth that was still engulfing his cock. Startled he jumped up knocking Bobby back.  

” Scott! Umm it’s not what you think” exclaimed Gambit.  

Bobby walked up to Scott and rubbed his now noticable buldge through his pants.   Read the rest of this entry »

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