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Simpsons Porn Story: Lisa & Bart At Play.

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3rd March 2009

Simpsons Porn Story: Lisa & Bart At Play.

“Bart, why don’t you go up to your room and pretend you are a patient, and I’ll be your nurse….
When lisa got to his room only minutes later, bart was in his bed pretending to be asleep. Iisa could see his cute, slender body outlined under the sheets.
“Well,” Iisa said, pretending to go along with her suggestion of playing `doctors & nurse. “I hate to wake this young man so I guess I’ll just examine him, and try not to wake him up.”
Iisa pulled down the sheet, and bart was naked! Iisa reached out and started touching his soft skin. his dick was hard.
she started running her hands further down bart’s body to his very little hairy little balls.
When her hand touched his dick, bart shivered a little.
Iisa couldn’t believe it! she had had fantasies of being naked in bed with bart, but Iisa couldn’t believe that it was actually happening. Lisa took off her clothes, and got in under the covers with him. Bart cuddled up to lisa and ran his hands over lisa’s body. Bart reached between her legs and began stroking her cunt.
Bart Simpson said he wanted to touch lisa’s Tits, and reached up and started touching them.
“Hey! You’re my sister! We aren’t supposed to see each other naked.”
“Well, I guess we’d better stop doing this.” she replied.
Bart stopped to think about that for a moment.
He said OK, and she pulled down the sheet.
Then Iisa stood up, facing bart, who started right away, rubbing her tits. he seemed fascinated by it, and wanted to stroke every damn inch of it.
Then Iisa felt bart’s finger between her buttocks, and pressing into her asshole. He was actually fucking lisa’s ass with his fingers!
As if it was the most natural thing in the world, bart knelt in front of her and started eatting her pussy out. Read the rest of this entry »

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