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Unlikely Babysitters. Chapter IV. Time to Fuck.

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22nd March 2009

Unlikely Babysitters. Chapter IV. Time to Fuck.

Simpsons Sex Story. Unlikely Babysitters Chapter IV

Maggie only felt curiosity and amusement at what was happening, enjoying the warmth of Bart and Milhouse’s boyhoods against her. She tugged some more at Milhouse and he pushed it a bit further in her hand.  He was too young to produce cum, but the feeling still was unlike anything he had ever felt before.  Now on autopilot of sorts, Milhouse pushed his maleness forward even further, the head of his prepubescent package stroking Maggie’s cheek.  Cooing, she turned her head and let his cock trace against her lips, knocking the pacifier from her.  She could have been irritated to lose her pacifier, but Maggie was mesmerised by the penis in front of her.  She knew enough that it was a part of Milhouse, but it wasn’t a finger.  She didn’t know what it was, but as a baby would, she decided to taste it.

The moment her lips wrapped around the head, a cry of “Oh god” escaped the blue haired boy.  She seemed to enjoy the taste and began suckling upon the hot flesh with enthusiasm.  Bart looked on in shock as his baby sister sucked the head of his best friend’s cock and all Milhouse did was hold her delicate head and hump his hips gently.  Maggie enjoyed the clean taste of the penis in her mouth, it was very much unlike her traditional pacifier, as it ‘responded’ to the attention she gave it.  And having no teeth, she could bite down and nibble on it safety, only sending further shivers down Milhouse’s spine.

Bart felt his own satisfaction down along her crotch as well.  His thrusts, although never brutal, had augmented in pace and he had placed his hands on her tiny legs to spread them apart, giving him better access to her forbidden fruit.  But rubbing against her crack was not enough to satisfy the spiky haired boy, not when his friend in front of him had a much better position.  He slipped his stiff tool between the baby’s butt cheeks and although still not penetrating her, he imagined he was as he thrusted into the soft warm flesh of his sister. Read the rest of this entry »

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