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22nd December 2010

6 WINX XXX cartoon pics

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22nd December 2010

Harry Poter porn story: Harry potter and the accidental casting. Chapter V.

Continue of sexy cartoon story “Harry potter and the accidental casting“.

Harry potter and the accidental casting. Chapter V.

Ginny rested her arms onto her massive mams, there was really nowhere else she could comfortably put them. Hermione gasped quietly as the mountain of flesh shook slightly. Ginny noticed the look on Hermione’s face and snapped her fingers to get her attention. “Can you hurry up and take it off. I know the engorment charm can be reversed.” She demanded.

Hermione fell silent. “Fred and George put a blocking charm on the cream. The engorment charm can’t be reversed. You need to wait an hour for it to wear off.”

Ginny looked like if she could move she would clamp her hands around Hermione’s neck. “WHAT THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO DO FOR AN HOUR?” She yelled at the top of her voice.  “Keep your voice down.” Said Hermione calmly. “You don’t want to attract any attention.”

Ginny glared at Hermione, but said nothing. Hermione meanwhile had kind of forgotten that Ginny had a head and stared hard at the engorged pink nipples. Each one just over three inches long and was still rock hard. Her pussy tingled and felt damp, she wanted to put one of those nipples into her mouth and suck on it. Again she was curious at what it would taste like. Hermione was always a curious girl, and knew that this answer wasn’t in a book. “Well, first of all.” Said Hermione in a matter-of-fact voice. ” We might as well get those rags off you and get you covered.” She indicated the last remains of Ginny’s clothes, which were draped, on her shoulders. Ginny nodded and tried to lean forward, but she found she couldn’t move more than a couple of centimetres. “Not happening.” She said in a defeated voice.

Hermione pulled her wand out of her pocket. “Let me.” She said in a tone that Ginny couldn’t identify. “Accio robes.” There was a loud tearing noise as Ginny’s robes were pulled away from her body. The rags fluttered through the air for several minutes like a thousand small black birds and landed in front of Hermione. Ginny looked thankful, but Hermione wasn’t finished there. She pointed her wand at Ginny again.  “Accio, jeans.”

Ginny screamed in protest as her jeans were yanked down her legs by invisible hands of immeasurable strength, it hurt slightly as the button and zip weren’t pulled open. They flew through the air and landed in front of Hermione and even folded themselves up neatly. The tightness of the jeans had yanked Ginny’s panties down and now they sat twisted around Ginny’s ankles. Hermione grabbed the garments and tossed them aside. “What are you doing?” Ginny complained loudly. Hermione didn’t answer at first and gripped Ginny’s legs, pushing them gently apart.  “Something to pass the time.” She muttered.

Ginny’s legs were forced open wide and Hermione slid herself between them, headfirst. It was terrifying to place herself between the two mountains of flesh. Ginny protested, but couldn’t close her legs without help, the weight of her breasts had pinned them into place. She tried to reach her arms down and grab Ginny, but with the titan tits in the way, she didn’t even come close.

Hermione placed herself right in front of Ginny’s pussy and smiled. Despite her protests, the girl was wet. Hermione saw Ginny’s clit, asking to be touched. Hermione moved her hand up and gave the clit a gentle squeeze. Ginny gasped lightly and her protests died.  “Again.” She gasped. But Hermione had other ideas. She grabbed Ginny’s wand and whispered something that made the stick of wood gently vibrate in her hand. Ginny knew what was about to happen, but didn’t protest in time. Hermione slid the wand inside the young girls pussy and Ginny gasped as her cunt came to life and her body was gently massaged by a rising tide of passion. But the sensation was slow, too slow. Hermione hadn’t done this to bring Ginny to orgasm, but tease her. At this rate she would be here for hours. “I’ll be right back.” Hermione said with a seductive smile on her face. Ginny opened her mouth to protest, but Hermione gently squeezed Ginny’s hard nipples and the girls voice died in her throat.  “Trust me.” Said Hermione running for the door. “You are going to love this.”

Hermione slammed the door shut and put a locking charm on the door. She raced down the stairs across the common room and up the stairs to the boy’s dorm. She burst right in without knocking.

Harry was sitting on his bed, a book in his hands and a parchment and quill sitting on the bed. He smiled when he saw Hermione.

After an accident with a handmade potion a year ago, Harry had been left quite gifted in the trouser department and all attempts to cure him had failed. Hermione and Harry had managed to keep it a secret, but rumours were starting to leak out and Harry had begun to notice a different kind of stare coming, mainly from girls, as he walked through the halls. “Are you here to test a new cure? Or something a little more fun for the both of us?” He asked climbing to his feet. He came forward and leaned in to kiss Hermione, but she stepped back and stopped him.  “Come with me, I have a treat for you.”

She guided him down to the common room, Harry stopped as he saw she was guiding him toward the stairs to the girls dormitory’s  “Hang on a minute.” He said, shaking her loose. “Boys can’t go up to the girls dorms, you know that.”

Hermione smiled knowingly and whispered something that Harry, who was standing right in front of her, could only just hear. “Prefect Hermione Granger gives Harry Potter permission to go up to the stairs to the girls dormitories.” She gripped his wrist tightly and dragged Harry forward onto the first step. Nothing happened, there was no loud klaxon noise and the stairs didn’t turn into a slide. “The founders of Hogworts thought that prefects and head girls would be mature enough to know who was trustworthy to come up. It’s all in *Hogworts a history* if you read between the lines a little.”

But Harry wasn’t listening anymore, he now had permission to come up to the girls dorm rooms. He was already planning a few nightly visits to Hermione’s room.

Hermione guided him up, not the fifth year dorm where Hermione resided, but the fourth years bedrooms. “Hermione-” He began, but Hermione interrupted him. “I know what I’m doing. You are going to love this.”

to be continued…

Author is Englishwitch

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