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Disney porn story: Alice in New wonderland. Chapter III.

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8th December 2010

Disney porn story: Alice in New wonderland. Chapter III.

Disney porn story:

Alice in New wonderland. Chapter III.

Continue of  “Alice in New wonderland

Grudgingly she turned back to the nightdress. It wouldn’t be appropriate if she needed to make a quick getaway. But it was all she had that would cover her properly. She grudgingly put it back on and descended the stairs that were through the left door.

The stairs led to a single vast room. Shelves lined every wall and stood in organised rows in the space between the walls. The whole place was a vast library. The shelves stretched ten feet tall and wide. Each shelf was filled with books, an inch thick an organised into colours, almost a different colour on every shelf. Every colour and every shade of colour was in that room.

To her left were a table and two large leather chairs. Old and worn, the brown leather was thin in places and some of the stuffing was peeking out of small holes. One of the chairs was occupied by the man the mad hatter had called Jacque. In his hands he held a book with a cover the same colour and shade as his blue suit and turban. On the table sat another book of the same colour, a quill was wriggling across it’s page, writing frantically. If she weren’t in wonderland, Alice would have been surprised at such a sight.

Jacque looked at her and rested the book on his lap. He pointed to the chair at his side and Alice sat down. “Wonderland has changed while you have been away Alice.” He said looking at her. “Who are you?” She asked. “And where am I?” He smiled and glanced down at the book on his lap. “You are in my home. This is the library, it takes up most of the house. It would be hard to find a room that did not have a bookshelf or two in it. The only rooms that are currently unoccupied by the books are the bathroom and bedroom. As for who I am, I have several names. The mad hatter knows me as Jacque; the man with the blue suit. Other know my as Marcus; a hermit of the western woods. Some call me Lucian and know me as a magician. Very few know my real title and no one knows my true name. I am the story keeper. The guardian of wonderlands history. The custodian of its secrets. I know everything is happening and has happened in wonderland since it began.”  “What happened to this place? Wonderland wasn’t like this when I came the first time.” She asked. Jacque, Marcus, or whatever his name was, indicated the book in his lap. “I was just reading about your adventures when you were here first time. Not a lot of people come to wonderland twice. I had been here several years when you arrived.” “What do you mean?” Interrupted Alice. “The people of wonderland are eternal. They grow old, die but then are reborn, young and healthy. It is wonderland that changes not them. But we story keepers do not come from wonderland, we come from earth. I was originally from earth just like you, I took over from the last story keeper ten years ago now. One day a young man or woman will come along and they will take over from me and I will be aloud to return home.

“Time has no meaning here you know. Which means when I leave I will return to wherever and whenever I want. I will go back to my wife and children, just moments after I left.”

Alice nodded along in silence. She had figured out that wonderland had no time. She had managed to return to her tutor merely an hour or so after she’d left when she’d actually spent days in wonderland. The story keeper continued. “Each different colour represents a different story keeper. Each book records one year of wonderland history. If you looked through this library you would find some keepers stayed here for ten years, some twenty. One even stayed for almost seventy years.”

Alice looked at the thousands of books in the library, how long was wonderlands history? “Wonderland changed two years ago. There was a war. Do you remember who was in charge when you were last here?” He asked. Alice nodded, the memory of a loud woman screaming OFF WITH HER HEAD had kept her awake several nights. “The queen of hearts.” Alice confirmed. The story keeper nodded. “The queen of spades rose with her armies and started a war, which the queen of hearts couldn’t win. Her husband, the king of hearts is missing, no one knows where he is. Her husband lost, her army defeated the queen fled and is now living in a small cabin in the eastern woods seven days travel from here. She is now the Maid of hearts, her title was lost when her crown was taken.

“The queen of spades if young and demanding sex wise. Unfortunately the king of spades is much older than her and is unable to *rise* to her demands. If you know what I mean. Hence her already active hormones continue to make her increasingly frustrated and that in turn is having the effect on wonderland you are seeing today. The inhabitants are sex mad and have insatiable appetites. You will need to be careful about whom you encounter when you go looking for the maid of hearts.” He paused and let Alice come to terms with what he had just said. “Hold on, why do I need to look for the maid of hearts?” She shouted at him. The story keeper closed the book on his lap and looked at her seriously. “The ruling of wonderland is upsetting the balance. The rising sexual frustration is continuing to rise and soon it will begin to tear wonderland apart. The maid of hearts needs to be restored to the throne, she needs to become queen again and you are the only one in wonderland that is basically able to say no.”  “What about you? Why don’t you go looking for her?” She shouted. He shook his head. “I am a story keeper, I watch and record. I am unable to directly interfere with the natural course of wonderland. I should not have interfered to get you here, but I did because it is for the greater good of wonderland. Alice you are the only hope for wonderland. You must take this quest to find the maid of hearts and restore her to the throne or wonderland will cease to exist in just a few years.”

Alice fell into silence. This was a serious matter, the fate of this magnificent place that had brought her such happiness when she was young hung on her shoulders. if she failed then wonderland would be lost and destroyed. But she also knew she couldn’t just leave it, wonderland was getting worse, changed and twisted by the sexual desires of its queen. What choice did she have. “When do I begin?”

to be continued…

Author is Englishwitch

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