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Kitty’s New York Adventure. X-Men: Evolution. Chapter IV. She’s Just So Transparent. Part 2.

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1st December 2010

Kitty’s New York Adventure. X-Men: Evolution. Chapter IV. She’s Just So Transparent. Part 2.

Continue of porn story “Kitty’s New York Adventure. X-Men: Evolution.

Kitty’s New York Adventure X-Men: Evolution.

Chapter IV. She’s Just So Transparent. Part 2.

The attendees had been given hard copies of the presentation for reference. Kitty placed hers in her lap, covering up her tool, while she continued to play with it underneath the thin notebook.

Amara had her orgasm, making a mild noise in spite of herself, but one that no one could hear down below. Her lips were in a funny position, sort of mashed down, so apparently Sue was helping her keep quiet with a hand over the mouth. “Mmmmph.”

Kitty caught her breath. Now it was her turn.

It started with a whisper. “Hello, Kitty.” Then she felt a kiss. She couldn’t actually respond to it, knowing that it would look strange to an observer, but of course Sue wouldn’t expect her to react and give anything away. She felt hands lightly brushing her tits.

It didn’t hurt to make subdued responses, as long as she didn’t open her mouth. “Mmmmmmmmm.” She wanted to let Sue know how much she was enjoying it. Sue kissed her a few more times, still fondling the tits, and rubbed her cheek against Kitty’s, though not firmly enough to cause a head movement. Kitty responded as much as she could, which wasn’t much. She touched Sue’s body, keeping her hands low so that they were below the chair back ahead of her.

Kitty felt something bump against the notebook in her lap. She assumed that Sue had reached down for her pussy without looking, not expecting a barrier.

“What’s that for?” Sue asked in another whisper. “Don’t you want me to touch you there?”

Kitty whispered back. “Sure I do, but I need to warn you first. Expect to be surprised by what you find.”

Sue’s whisper sounded playfully suspicious. “Why isn’t the notebook lying flat? What have you got under there?”

“That’s the surprise.”

Kitty set the notebook aside, enjoying Sue’s sharp intake of breath when she saw the outline of the dick. It sounded loud so close to her ear, but no one in the rows below reacted to it. She felt fingers on her dick as Sue probed it through the uniform. The ghost fingers went down the shaft, lightly feeling the balls, then all the way back up to the head. Sue very carefully felt the head, lightly running her fingers all around it. She squeezed it through the uniform, evidently checking for a hardon. Which she found.

“My god, Kitty, I had no idea you were a transsexual. You look very feminine. I would have sworn you were born a girl.”

“I was. I haven’t had this very long. It’s too complicated to explain now. All you need to know is that it’s just like the real thing. And it works the same.”

There were a few seconds of silence, as Sue apparently digested that, then Kitty felt the fingers on her dick again. She felt it hardening under Sue’s touch.

“My god, it’s huge,” Sue said. “At least for someone your size.”

Kitty suddenly heard Jean’s voice in her head. “What in the hell are you doing, Kitty?

I’m just giving Sue a little thrill, in return for the one she gave us. She probably would have found out about our dicks later anyway. At least I hope so.

Yeah, but did it occur to you that you have to cum now? Or do you want to go around with a boner in a tight-fitting uniform for the rest of the day?

Oh, shit!” She hadn’t thought of that. Due to the biology of the morphed dicks, she couldn’t return to a pussy with a hardon. She couldn’t blame her mistake on little-head thinking because the little head wasn’t there when she made that decision. But in any case, she had to get off or keep the boner. After Sue finished with her, she’d have to cover herself with the notebook again until she could get to a bathroom and jerk off. Just like a middle-school boy.

In the meantime, Sue was making the dick harder yet, sealing Kitty’s fate. Finally Kitty mentally sighed. Fuck it, she thought. If I have to, I’ll just phase through the floor and get to the bathroom that way. She settled down to enjoy what Sue was doing for her.

Kitty sat there, trying not to squirm, wile Sue massaged both her dick and her tits. The action on the latter was slow and gentle, because the tits were visible from the lower rows. But the dick was not, so Sue stimulated it without mercy.

Finally Sue whispered in her ear again. “Does your uniform open up? I want to suck it.”

Kitty was stunned. “But if I cum, it’ll make a mess. I can’t go around with spooge all over my uniform.”

“I will swallow every drop of it. I promise. And I’ll lick up all the dribble afterward too.”

Kitty had reservations, but it just sounded too good. She still had the option of phasing through the floor if the cum got away from Sue. She manipulated her uniform to pull the dick out.

She couldn’t have done it with the original uniform, which consisted of two layers: a black leotard and a blue layer on top of it, shaped in a V much like a one-piece swimsuit. It was still basically the same, except that a fly had been added to the leotard on the sly. It was lightweight, not intended for heavy use, and was normally hidden by the blue layer. So if Kitty pulled the blue layer aside, again much like the crotch of a swimsuit, she could get to the fly and pull the dick out without taking off the uniform.

She did so now and Sue gasped again on actually seeing the dick, though still controlling herself enough that the sound did not carry. “It’s beautiful, Kitty,” Sue murmured, barely audible.

Kitty felt Sue’s fingers exploring the dick again, direct skin contact this time, then she felt lips on it. Since Sue was so far below the level of the seat tops, she turned visible. She licked Kitty’s dick while looking up at her face. Then she sucked the dick in earnest.

The other girls enjoyed the spectacle of one of the most well-known women on earth giving a blow job to one of their peers. They watched as much as they could, while still facing forward part of the time in a charade of paying attention to the totally forgotten speaker. They were barely aware of who was speaking, much less what he was saying. Their full attention was on what was happening to their left, whether they actually looked that way or not.

Sue steadily went down on Kitty’s dick, careful not to slurp or smack, completely silent. Kitty managed to keep quiet too, though it wasn’t easy. The moans wanted out of her, but she couldn’t let them escape. Tiny, suppressed guttural noises were the only indication that something was happening.

In a way, this was like the time that Jean drove her into a sexual frenzy at one of the mansion Open House functions, punishing her for a prank she pulled. This wasn’t quite that rough, as this was consensual and Sue wasn’t stimulating her quite as savagely. But it had the same danger of making a noise in public and causing embarrassment for both herself and Sue.

Now that Sue was visible, Kitty stroked the woman’s hair and cheek. In return, Sue gently played with Kitty’s balls, reaching into the uniform for them.

A little while later, Kitty started feeling the pressure to cum. She started to tell Sue, but such an experienced cocksucker probably already knew from the increasing emissions of precum into her mouth. Kitty was getting close now, her balls getting really insistent about their desire to launch cum into the outside world.

Kitty touched Sue’s hand. When the woman stopped and looked at her, Kitty touched her lips. Sue looked blank for a second, then got the idea. She made her arm go invisible, then reached up and clapped the palm over Kitty’s mouth.

After Sue returned her attention to the dick, Kitty stopped stroking the woman’s hair and gripped the arms of the chair, determined to keep herself under control when she came. The orgasm was approaching fast.

Then it arrived, and Kitty let go, pumping cum into Sue’s mouth. Amazingly enough, Kitty managed to keep pretty quiet, just some muffled noises against Sue’s hand. “Mmmmmmmrrrrf.” Kitty lightly touched Sue’s throat and felt it working, swallowing cum at a feverish pace.

Finally the flow stopped. Kitty groaned softly, trembling from both the orgasm and from the effort of holding in her reaction to it.

Sue popped Kitty’s dick out of her mouth. The teen felt her carefully licking the tip to make sure no cum escaped to dribble on Kitty’s uniform. Then the dick was laid down, but on Sue’s hand. Kitty’s clothes were still safe. Finally Sue tucked Kitty’s dong back inside, zipped her up, and rearranged the uniform. Then she disappeared. A ghostly kiss and she was gone.

to be continued…

Author is Jackrabbit

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1st December 2010

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