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Cartoon Story: Kitty’s New York Adventure. X-Men: Evolution. Chapter 1. Are We There Yet? Part 2

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18th August 2010

Cartoon Story: Kitty’s New York Adventure. X-Men: Evolution. Chapter 1. Are We There Yet? Part 2

Hot comics story.

Kitty’s New York Adventure X-Men: Evolution.

Chapter I. Are We There Yet?

Part 2.  Continue of  “Kitty’s New York Adventure. X-Men: Evolution.  Chapter I. Are We There Yet? “.

Tiffany gently pulled Kitty’s ass cheeks apart and started licking the top of the crack, which was the end closest to her. She slowly moved along the channel, licking all the way down it. She spent a little time at the asshole, causing Kitty to writhe a little, though the older girl couldn’t move much with Tiffany lying on her. Then Tiffany licked the rest of the way down, finally arriving at Kitty’s pussy. She slid forward a little so she could reach more of it.

Kitty moaned again. “Uhhhhhhhh. Oh, Tiffany, that feels good.” By now, both girls had completely forgotten about the Sith Lord script. Kitty couldn’t reciprocate because she was face down, which meant Tiffany’s pussy was behind her head. She tried to play with it by hand, but the position was rather awkward. “Tiffany, let me turn over. I can’t do a very good job on you this way.”

“Shhhhhhh. I’m busy.” She slurped on Kitty’s pussy a few more times, then stopped. “On second thought, I want something else to lick.” She smacked the back of Kitty’s leg. “Let’s have it.”

Kitty giggled. “You have to beg for it. Who’s dominant now, bitch?”

Tiffany accepted the role reversal. “Please, Mistress, pleeeeaaaase let me suck it. I need it so baaaaaaaad. I’ll do whatever you want.”

“Well, you aren’t worthy, but okay.” Kitty performed a genital morph. As a result of the Rogue Wave incident, all of the x-girls at the mansion, and a couple who were just visitors, had acquired the ability to switch sexual organs on demand. From that freak accident, they had received a tiny bit of Mystique’s morphing power via Rogue.

Tiffany watched Kitty’s pussy close up and disappear, followed by the manifestation of a dick. Once there was enough to grab ahold of, she did so and watched it finish growing in her palm. It soon hung off the palm, of course. Kitty’s dick was like that of the other x-girls, in that it was much bigger than a typical boy her size would have had.

Tiffany laid her cheek on Kitty’s ass, a nonstandard meaning for “cheek to cheek”, as she played with the dick. First she stoked it with her flat palm as it laid stretched out on the bed, then she rolled it around. She folded it back into Kitty’s ass crack and licked the head, knowing she would not be able to do that for long.

Kitty soon had a hardon, so Tiffany wouldn’t be able to do much more with it from this position. She rolled off of Kitty into a face up position. Kitty was already face down, so she just slid over, putting them into a 69 position. She was finally able to reach Tiffany’s pussy, so she assulted it with her tongue.

“Ohhhhhhh,” Tiffany moaned. Due to the length of Kitty’s dick, the older girl was on her knees, though they were spread apart a little so that the head of the dick was touching Tiffany’s cheek as it hung there. Tiffany moved her head and bumped the dick a few times, making it swing back and forth, then took it into her mouth.

Now it was Kitty’s turn to moan as Tiffany sucked and licked her dick. The two of them serviced each other orally for a while. Kitty worked the other girl’s clit, while fingering her in both holes simultaneously. Tiffany spent equal effort on the dick. She also used a finger for additional stimulation, though only one aperture was available. She used her other hand to fondle Kitty’s tits.

After a little while, Kitty came up for air. “Are you going to change over?”

“Nah, I want to stay a girlgirl for right now. Let’s say you took me to the prom and now you’re going to fuck my brains out.”

Kitty looked back at her. “Do you even know what a prom is?”

“Sure, Hydra had them all the time. As the only girl amongst the weaponry, I was always the Prom Queen.”

Kitty laughed and went back to licking. The two girls continued pleasuring each other orally, moaning periodically.

Finally Tiffany stopped. “I want you in me now. Lay on your back. Let’s re-create our first time, but in reverse. You play my role, the girl who didn’t even know what a dick was until she had fucked somebody with it.”

Kitty giggled again, rolling off of her playmate. “Oh, I love impressions. Okay, here we go.” She grabbed her dick. “Gee, Tiffany, I just got this weird thing a little while ago and I don’t know what it’s for. A ‘dick’ did you call it? It’s all hard and everything. Is it for cracking walnuts?”

“Why no, Kitty,” Tiffany responded theatrically. “It’s much more useful that that, though I’ll admit that nuts actually are involved. Let me show you what you can do with it.”

Tiffany sat on Kitty’s dick, burying it as far as it would go. “Uhhhhhh.”

“Ooooohhhhh,” Kitty moaned. “Why, that’s amazing. It went right inside of you. Why would you do that?”

“I’m trying to help you out. It’s sensitive to light. You have to keep it in dark enclosed spaces as much as possible. Otherwise it might deteriorate and fall off.”

“Why, thank you, Tiffany. I wouldn’t want that to happen. It’s very kind of you to be concerned about my dick’s welfare.”

“It has to be kept moist as well. Fortunately I have plenty of moisture in this dick-protection sleeve built into my body. Let me work it in.”

Tiffany started bouncing on Kitty’s dick. “Rrrrrrf. You can feel the wetness, right?”

“Uh! Uh! Oh yes, Tiffany, it is plenty wet in your sleeve. I don’t have to worry about the dick drying out at all. Who’da thunk dick therapy would feel so good?”

Tiffany leaned forward and backed onto the dick for a while. Now that her tits were within reach, Kitty played with them with one hand, using the other to smack Tiffany’s ass.

Tiffany changed positions, rotating on the dick so that she was facing away from Kitty, then leaning back against her. She humped slowly on the dick, turning her head to the side to kiss Kitty. The two of them dueled tongues while their private parts dueled on the other end. Kitty put one arm around Tiffany’s waist and used the other hand to play with her clit. They pressed their heads together while Tiffany ground on Kitty.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” Tiffany moaned softly. “Are you going to last a little longer?”

“I’m doing okay.”

“I’m actually getting close. Would you mind if I went ahead? Then I can switch. I wanna fuck you and I don’t think we’ll have time if we go through the whole cycle.”

“I never argue with anyone who wants to fuck me.”

Tiffany bounced on Kitty as hard as she could. The orgasm arrived less than a minute later. As Tiffany gasped and trembled, Kitty could feel the younger girl moving around inside. She understood perfectly why guys liked that so much. She was afraid she would cum in reaction, but she managed to hold it.

Tiffany sat there for a minute or two after pulling herself off Kitty, then morphed to a dick. Kitty got it hard for her, then rolled over to a doggy position. Tiffany rammed her dick into Kitty’s ass, then started thrusting. Since Tiffany was a little shorter and had difficulty reaching around, Kitty jerked herself as she was fucked, holding herself up with the other hand. She arched her back and slammed backward against Tiffany. “Uh! Uh! Uh!”

After a few minutes, Tiffany pulled out, then rolled Kitty over to a face up position. Kitty giggled at being manipulated like a sack of barley, but she let Tiffany have control. After putting a pillow under Kitty to make her asshole easier to reach, Tiffany plowed into it again and reestablished a rhythm.

Kitty’s dick was easily reachable now, so Tiffany playfully slapped Kitty’s hand away and took over jerking it. Kitty laid back, gasping, as Tiffany jerked and rammed her simultaneously. “Ohhhhhhhhh.”

Kitty writhed on the bed. “Oh, I’m gonna cum.”

Tiffany pulled out and dived for Kitty’s dick, capturing it in her mouth and jerking feverishly. Kitty squealed and unloaded into her mouth. Tiffany swallowed as quickly as she could, barely keeping up with the flow. “Glmmmmmmph.”

Tiffany then straddled Kitty and jerked her own load into Kitty’s mouth. The older girl managed to swallow it all as well, then grinned up at her. “Well, I guess we won’t need an in-flight meal.”

to be continued…

Author is Jackrabbit

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18th August 2010

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