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Edna Krabappel: The Simpsons 6 nasty cartoon pics

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11th August 2010

Edna Krabappel: The Simpsons 6 nasty cartoon pics

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11th August 2010

Aladdin Porn Story: The whole new world of love. Chapter II.

Aladdin: The whole new world of love. Chapter II.

Continue of xxx cartoon story “The whole new world of love. Chapter I“.

She collapsed, limp, as strength raced out of her body. She lay there, breathing quickly and hearing her heart thumping in her head. She smiled to herself, feeling a warm glow in her. Jasmine looked to Prince Ali, who was cleaning his face of her juices. He licked his lips, seemingly enjoying the taste. There was a bulge in his trousers that looked like it could burst from it’s cloth prison any second. Her exhaustion was instantly forgotten. Jasmine reared up and pounced on Aladdin. “Your turn.” She said lustfully. Aladdin didn’t complain, a mixture of surprise and lust.

Jasmine pulled his shirt over his head. Kissing the firm muscular chest. Her teeth gently bit his nipples and Aladdin gasped at that. Jasmine’s mouth moved further downwards, kissing his chest, down to his stomach until she reached the waistband. She pulled it down slowly, releasing his thick long cock out into freedom.

This was the first penis that Jasmine had ever seen. She had never known they could be so huge and thick. She rubbed her fingers over the throbbing veins along the shaft. Jasmine could only stair at the monstrosity before her. Could such a huge thing even fit inside her small cunt? Looking up she could see the excitement in Aladdin’s eyes. They were wide, practically shooting out of his head she couldn’t back down now. Nor did she want to.

Jasmine brought her head down and kissed the very tip of Aladdin’s purple head. She could taste the pre-cum, a strange but not unpleasant taste. Her fingers on one hand rubbed along the thick shaft of his meat. The other cupped his hanging testicles. They were large and felt heavy to Jasmine as she gently rubbed them between her fingers. Glancing up she could see him still smiling, the grin going almost from ear to ear and his eyes showed excitement that she had never seen before.

Moving the tip around the outside of her lips, her tongue brushed lightly around the head, lapping up the drops of pre-cum that oozed from the tip. She could feel his body tingle as she moved her tongue downward, slithering along the entire length of his shaft. Jasmine shifted slightly letting her tongue lap around the base of the head where the skin pulled back from the helmet. Aladdin threw his head back, his eyes closed and his breathing quickened as fiery ecstasy started building up and rushing through his body.

Jasmine went a little farther and closed her lips around the head of his penis sliding it into her waiting mouth. The desert around them echoed With Aladdin’s cries of pleasure. With his cock in her mouth, balls in her hand Jasmine began to work her head, bobbing up and down and working her tongue around the helmet while her hand slowly stroked his balls between her fingers. Aladdin moaned breathlessly, feeling his balls tighten in Jasmine’s grip. A pressure was building inside him. He was so close.

Stopping her bobbing but not letting go of the huge cock in her mouth Jasmine twirled her tongue around the tip letting it slide gracefully about the helmet flicking at the very tip. She lifted her head slightly and let her lips move downward letting the shaft slip over her tongue, deeper and deeper she took his dick, trying to it as much of the eight inches as she could into her mouth.

Her fingers gently squeezed his balls, they twitched and tightened under her touch. The way his cock was throbbing in her mouth she knew he was getting close.

He cried out her name, yelling it to the heavens. Out of his control his hips jerked forward, Jasmine gagged as the massive cock smashed into the back of her throat. She felt the violet twitches of his cock and the sudden heat from his creamy load as his balls spilled into her mouth. It was so hot and creamy and tasted sweet. Her mouth filled with his cum and she swallowed it down, feeling the warmth as it rushed down her throat. Jasmine rubbed her fingers along his shaft, more cum shot into her mouth and she swallowed that down as well. “That was amazing.” Aladdin said breathlessly. He glanced down to Jasmine, who was still sitting between his legs. She licked at his dick, lapping up the last traces of cum.

Aladdin smiled down at her, feeling his dick start to re-harden under her tongues attention. Jasmine knew what was happening, she cold feel the cock starting to throb in her hands and mouth. Her response was lightening quick, Jasmine rushed up, putting her hands on his chest, pinning Aladdin to the floor. Her hands rubbed on his torso, feeling the firm muscles under his toned flesh.

his chest sending her lover backwards flat onto the bed where she pinned him down with her body. Her eyes were full of passion and her lips full of hunger for more attention from him.

She gripped his cock in one hand and guided the hot rod to the entrance of her slit. She made sure his entry was slow, forcing her virgin lips apart with the solid shaft. She pushed its full length inward millimetre by millimetre. She gasped and tensed up as something inside her popped. Hot, angry pain burned through her nerves and she had to fight against the urge to cry out. Aladdin could see he was hurting her and tried to pull out, but Jasmine’s grip on his dick was too tight. She held him there, the throbbing cock inside her pained pussy, for almost a full minute before the pain faded enough for her to dare moving again.

His pelvis collided with the firm flesh of her bottom as she slid the final few inches of his eight inch cock inside her tight pussy. Aladdin gasped and tilted his head back, feeling the hot wetness of her virgin cunt wrapped tightly on his pole. His hands slid upwards grabbing to her c-cup tits. He squeezed the mounds of flesh, kneading them gently in his palms. Her nipples were rock hard and Jasmine moaned softly as he squeezed them between his fingers.

Slowly Jasmine slid his member outward until just an inch was inside her. She thrust her hips forward and pushing him back in. Both Jasmine and Aladdin moaned loudly. Jasmine started to grind her hips, building up a rhythm and quickly gathering speed. With each thrust a powerful wave of lightning charged through her every nerve. She groaned, squealed as each thrust drove her closer to climax. Aladdin’s cock stretched her pussy.

Aladdin’s heart pounded a mile a minute, ready to jump out of his chest. He looked up at Jasmine, her tits bounced with each thrust of her hips. He groaned deeply, overwhelmed by the warm tightness of her snatch. Beads of sweat formed on his forehead.  He slowly started to move his hips in time with her’s, moving his cock in & out of Jasmine‘s twat, much to her delight. “Yes, harder! Go deeper!” She said breathlessly.

He accelerated his movements, he became lost in the moment, his brain shattering into burning flames of pure ecstasy. He could feel himself, so close. Pressure was building in his body and lightning through his veins. He pounded her pussy harder, Jasmine threw her head back and screamed out his name at the top of her lungs. Her whole body became stiff, even the lips of her cunt tightened. Aladdin gasped and groaned, the tightness throwing him over the edge. He growled, feeling his load blow into her snatch. Jasmine fell forward, her breasts pressed against Aladdin’s bare chest. She held onto his shoulders tightly as she felt Aladdin’s hot load spreading through her insides.  “Oh Ali…I love you.” She said breathlessly.

Aladdin rested his hands on her bare back, rubbing her soft flesh and down over her firm ass. “I love you too Jasmine.”

Carpet, sensing its work was done, gently began to hover again, soon flying them on their way, the two naked lovers, still held in each others arms and covered in the sweat and juices of the other didn’t even notice that they were flying again.

They passed over the desert and into the great land of China at the end of the silk and spice road. Carpet landed them down on top of a great palace where a celebration was taking place, fireworks exploded in the sky and dancers moved around on the floor.  “This is all so magical.” Jasmine said happily, leaning her head against Aladdin’s chest.

The END!

Author is Englishwitch

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