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XXX Kim Possible Story: Kimitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery Chapter 3.

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4th August 2010

XXX Kim Possible Story: Kimitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery Chapter 3.

Kimitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

Chapter III. How Much is That Kim in the Window? Part 1.

Continue of Kim Possible sex story “Kimitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery“.

Bonnie stopped the car, and everyone got out. “Where in the hell are we?” The sign on the building said Bedderman Research Institute. “What is this, Kim? You need help with your science fair project? I thought you had your own private geek for that kind of shit.”

“My private geek is the reason I know about this place,” Kim said as they approached the security door. “These guys owed Wade a favor and he got me in.” She used a keycard and typed in a code on the keypad. “Full access any time I want.”

“To do what? Experiments?” Tara asked. “I thought we were supposed to be having fun.”

Kim grinned. “We will. You’ll see.” She led the other girls through semi-dark halls, just security lighting on. “Do you guys remember when Drakken was on a clone-making kick? When he was trying to build an army of Kimclones?”

“How could I forget that?” Bonnie asked. “He made a bunch of me too, and the fucking things were trying to kill me. Being chased around Taco Bueno by myself would have given me nightmares if you hadn’t destroyed all of them with the soda.”

“That’s the thing. He made more of them.”

Bonnie stopped so suddenly that Monique crashed into her. “What? More of those things? But…but…you said they destroyed the DNA he took from us! How could he make more clones?”

“He stashed it away before he got caught. He broke the hair strand he got from me into two pieces, and he did the same with yours. All it takes is a single cell. The authorities confiscated one half of the strands, but he still had the other somewhere. The samples from Ron and Rufus were too short to split like that, so he lost those.”

“Thank god for small favors. One copy of Doofus is enough. But are you saying that there are more duplicates of you and me terrorizing the countryside?”

“So not the drama. Drakken got busted again and they were all captured.”

“And destroyed, right?”

“Not exactly. He used a new process and the soda doesn’t work any more. They are much closer to living human beings this time and killing them is a ethical dilemma.” Kim took a deep breath and plunged ahead. “They’re here.”

“Here? In this building? Oh my fucking god!” Bonnie started shaking uncontrollably and started to run.

Kim grabbed her. “Bonnie, calm down! They’re under control! Not only are they confined, but they’ve been fitted with behavioral modifiers to prevent them from harming anyone. They’re still mindless and still want to hurt people, but they can’t. Not much, anyway. All they can do is just rough you up a little.”

“Did the scientist guys put the muzzle on them?” Monique asked.

“Believe it or not, Drakken did. He didn’t want to make an army this time. He was going to open a franchise of Kim Possible whorehouses all over the country. Sort of like ‘you’ve seen Kim and Bonnie on TV and now you can fuck them.’ It almost makes sense for a Drakken scheme.”

“This is too weird for words,” Bonnie groaned. “Thousands of guys across America banging a whore who looks just like me?”

“Well, I wouldn’t call them whores because they wouldn’t have gotten paid.” Kim sighed. “Get a grip, Bonnie. That’s what he planned to do. That scheme went down the tubes like all the others, and this time we made sure we got all the DNA.”

“Okay,” Tara said. “The Kim and Bonnie clones are here. Why are we here?”

Kim grinned. “We’re going to have sex with them.”

Bonnie, Tara, and Monique yelled in unison. “What!?!?!?”

“You’ve got to be shitting me,” Bonnie said, jaw hanging slack.

“Nope. It’ll be fun. They aren’t like before, not quite. Remember, they can’t hurt you.”

“But how can we have sex with them?” Tara asked. “If they are mindless, they won’t know how to eat a pussy or finger one. How can we eat theirs if they want to beat the shit out of us? And I don’t want to anyway. They probably don’t know much about hygiene either.”

“Actually, the automation in their cells keeps them clean. They get hosed down regularly, soap and rinse, just like a car wash. Plus, they’ve had rigorous toilet training and the toilets have a builtin douche system. And they automatically clean everything else down there too.”

“But still, what are we going to do with one of them?”

“It’s probably easier if I just show you. Come on.”

Kim led the girls on down the hall, Bonnie reluctantly bringing up the rear, until they reached a door with “Kimclone Containment” on it. It also had a sign that said “Danger,” which didn’t improve Bonnie’s state of mind in the slightest.

Kim had to use a different card and entry code for this door, plus a retinal scan. One the inside was an antechamber and two more doors. Kim led them through the one on the right, into a corridor lined with doors.

As she passed through the righthand door, Tara noticed that a placard next to it displayed the standard female symbol. I don’t get it, Tara thought. The clones are all of Kim and Bonnie so they are ALL female. What is the other door for?

Kim led them down a few cells and then stopped. “It doesn’t matter which one we pick,” she said. “They’re all the same.”

“The numbering of the cells is fucked up,” Bonnie said, trying to keep her voice steady. “Here’s K45 right next to B19.”

“It’s not the cell, it’s the occupant. That’s Kim-45 and Bonnie-19.”

“Are you fucking serious? They have serial numbers?”

“Of course. How else can you tell them apart? The number is tattooed on their thighs, but I don’t know whether Drakken did that or the people here. So which do you want to check out?”

“K45,” Bonnie said. “I’m not ready to meet one of mine yet. If ever.”

“Okay, I’m opening the door.” The other girls gasped. “Relax, it’s the outer door and there are bars on the inside. But you do need to stand back, out of her reach.”

Kim used her card on the cell door while the other three girls flattened themselves against the opposite door. Kim stepped back herself as the door rose into the ceiling. The cell appeared to be empty, though the lights were on inside.

“Where is she?” Monique asked. Assuming the cell was unoccupied, she stepped forward so she could get a closer look.

“Watch out,” Kim said. “You can’t see the whole cell from here. She is in there.”

to be continued…

Author is Jackrabbit

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