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21st September 2009



Father, Daughter And Daughter’s Girlfriend Bonding – Take 2

Note for readers

This carries on from the end of part 3


Peter awoke later in the night to the sounds of his wife and daughter’s steamy love making and the sound of the family bed creaking it was such a still and silent night you could hear a pin drop and they where getting so carried away with what they where doing that they didn’t know how much noise they where making and how loud they where.

He was lying on his back but there was moonlight coming in through the living room window he didn’t want to move or turn his head in case they might hear him moving about and stop what they where doing as he was enjoying what he was hearing.  He tried hard to hear what they were doing or saying but it was too jumbled listen through the walls and ceiling all he knew was that his big long thick cock had come back to life and he had to stroke it.

Then there was a pause and he thought he heard someone at the top of the stairs or at least walking across the hall going towards the bath room. He felt very vulnerable lying there naked on the couch underneath the covers with his big cock in his hand ready to let lose his hot white sticky seed.

But then he felt the covers being moved back from his body.  What the hell was going on as he did not know who it was as he had his eyes shut and he did not want who ever it was to know that he was awake?  He almost bolted upright when he remembered that he was naked and holding his massive long thick cock in his hand but then he calmed himself and remembered that they thought that he was sleeping so whatever who ever where they up too. Read the rest of this entry »

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