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Identity Crisis. Chapter II.

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7th September 2009

Identity Crisis. Chapter II.

Cartoon porn story:  Identity Crisis. Chapter II.

He entered and was greeted by the elder who cordially offered him a seat and some tea. The room was very orderly, yet could just as easily not have been. It was a laboratory of sorts, filled with alchemy potions and walls packed with books of all types. Some of the potions were fuming with as diverse colors as the liquids which emitted them. Smurf had only seen the room once and still was deeply impressed by it. But he quickly remembered why he was there.

“Papa Smurf,” he said, taking the cup of tea the elder smurf was offering, “I… I want a name.”

The red garbed smurf sat in front of the nameless one and nodded gravely. Encouraged, Smurf related his tale of identity crisis and how he felt faceless among the community.

“I don’t feel like I have a purpose here. You lead, Handy does machines, Hefty is the strongest, Brainy… Well I’m not sure what Brainy’s purpose is, but he has a distinct personality, that’s for sure.”

“He’s a book worm,” Papa explained. “He helps me often with my research, more often than you see.”

“What do I do? What is my purpose?”

“Well, I know you are good at gathering food. You always bring some very flavorful ingredients. I know I can depend on you when I send you out to the forest. I also know that you enjoy those games of smurfball.”

Papa Smurf proceeded to describe the smurf in detail. He knew all of his likes and dislikes, his interests, his skills. It was as if the smurf had studied him all of his life, only Smurf knew that Papa Smurf had this kind of extensive knowledge on everyone in the village. It was heart warming, yet made him feel faceless at the same time. Read the rest of this entry »

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