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Family Guy: Brian Makes His Move

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23rd September 2009

Family Guy: Brian Makes His Move

Note to readers you have been asking for a story like this one i found this story on another website so hope it is what you have been looking for.

 This story was written by ( wilcox )

Lois Griffin was following her usual afternoon routine after she’d dropped off her evil baby son Stewie at his playgroup. What with her husband Peter at work and Chris, their son, and Meg, their daughter, off to school, it was her private time for a nice leisurely bath. Refreshed, she came out of the bathroom wearing only her robe and went into her bedroom to change.

The family dog, Brian, had been into Peter’s beer again and when he heard her coming out of the bathroom, he followed Lois into her bedroom. He had a good buzz on and his constantly horny nature was kicking into overdrive as he realized that he was all alone with object of his carnal dreams. His eyes were on her constantly lately, drinking in her lush form. Her full jiggly breasts and firm round meaty ass bent over before him were in his mind as he heard her in the bathroom.

He’d had a number of accidents in the house recently and had been sent to see a therapist who convinced him that he was secretly in love with Lois and wanted to mate with her. When he’d broached the subject with Lois she’d told him that there was no way, but when he’d pressed her she’d uttered, “maybe … if I was really drunk.” That told him that she would, he just had to take matters in to his own paws when the time was right … and that was right now.

Lois turned at the sound of the door being closed and locked. “Brian, you shouldn’t be in here now. I’m not dressed. What are you up too?” she asked. “Ohh, about ten inches,” Brian replied with a wicked gleam in his eye as he pulled Lois’s robe off her shoulders, allowing it to fall onto the floor behind her. “I bet you’d like to find out how it would feel to have a real cock for a change?”

Lois was shocked, as she stood there naked before the horny family dog. Her eyes moved down and she saw his big doggie cock start to emerge from its furry sheath. She tried to control the moment as she turned and bent down for her robe. “Look Brian, we’ve been over this,” she said. “I’m a married woman and you’re the family dog. There’s no way that I…” Read the rest of this entry »

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