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Looney Toons. Toony porn Christmas.

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22nd December 2007

Looney Toons. Toony porn Christmas.

   A few months had passed since Buster had his first “encounter” with the principal.  The first, yes, but certainly not the last.  The principal had initiated something new with Buster, sex with an adult, something similar, yet so different as compared to when he did it with a comrade.  Sex with Babs, sex with Plucky, sex with Bugs and even sex with Lola…  all different, all pleasurable, all priceless.  Over time, Babs had some encounters with the principal and the gym teacher also, as well as Plucky and some of their other friends.  The most surprising thing was that Shirly, Plucky’s girlfriend, was not jealous at all.  He could roam around like that as much as he wanted, as long as the young duck was ready when she needed it.  No worries there, Plucky was probably the horniest toon in Acme Acres.   They were now in December, the last day of school before the Christmas break.  During lunch break, Buster and Babs had met up with the principal at his office.  Lola was inside as well.

   “So,” Buster asked, “why did you call us here?”

   “Well, I had an idea,” Bugs responded.

   “WE had an idea,” corrected the gym teacher.  “During the break, we want to invite you, along with your friends, to a Christmas party.”

   “Of the humping kind?” Babs asked.

   “What else!  It’d be sometime soon after Christmas, at my place,” added the principal.  “We’d prepare a meal and all.  I’m sure I don’t even need to ask, but are you interested?”

   “Well I sure am!  And it’s perfect too because this years Christmas party is at my place so I won’t be out.”

   “I’m staying here as well,” said Babs.  “My parents will leave the day after Christmas to see my sick grandpa.  I’ll be left alone in charge of the house.”

   “Then it’s settled.  We’ll call you to confirm the date.  Don’t forget to talk to your other friends too.”

   “Don’t worry, we won’t forget.”

   They left the office and went directly to the cafeteria where the gang was gathered at a table.  The bunny duo told them about their meeting with the rabbits and invited them to come too.

   “Oui.  I will be sure to come,” replied Fifi in her French accent. Read the rest of this entry »

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