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I DO Give a Flying Fuck. Second Part of Chapter IV.

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8th December 2007

I DO Give a Flying Fuck. Second Part of Chapter IV.

Check Related Post for first parts of story about W.I.T.C.H. and WINX hentai.As Bloom watched, June appeared to be picking up the pace. Irma and Hay Lin were going up and down faster now, but still the movement was absolutely smooth, no sign of stress at all. Hay Lin was bouncing a little, lifting off Irma’s shoulders slightly at the top of the stroke. Irma was grimacing slightly as Hay Lin landed on her at the bottom. Apparently June’s orgasm was approaching. Riven started jerking to finish himself off into her mouth.

Finally June had her orgasm and cried out. Those on top of her looked apprehensive, afraid she would lose concentration and dump them all on the ground. But her body remained totally stable. She did arch her back slightly, lifting Will, Irma, and Hay Lin up a little, but that was all.

Bloom had almost expected Irma and Hay Lin to have been lifted upward by June’s cum shot, but the dick was fairy in origin and had the same characteristics as the others.

Riven came in June’s face and she swallowed the cum that went into her mouth. Then she open her eyes and smiled.

The others started climbing off June. Will simply jumped off. Riven and Sky handed Musa and Techna off to the other guys, then hopped off themselves.

Irma and Hay Lin were still on June. When the guys went to help them down, Irma waved them off. “Hang on. The show isn’t over yet.” The two Guardians started their wings and lifted themselves off June, remaining at a hover above her, a stream of cum leaking out of Irma.

June dropped to the ground, then climbed to her feet. She held up both arms in a V, palms outstretched. Irma and Hay Lin drifted slowly down, carefully positioning their feet so that they were standing on the palms. Then the wings stopped and their full weight was on June’s hands. June slowly lowered the two Guardians until her arms were in an inverted V. Then she brought them back up and held them straight out.

“That’s what I was talking about before,” Timmy said. “That would be maximum strain for an ordinary person.”

“I get it,” Bloom said. “It’s kind of like that Iron Cross that the gymnastics guys do. Fucking amazing.”

Irma made a motion and someone threw some sort of stick up to her. She handed it to Hay Lin and received a second one for herself.

“What now?” Bloom asked. “Are they going to twirl batons?”

“Those aren’t batons,” Timmy said. “They look like flares.”

What happened next took everyone completely by surprise. June lowered her arms again and crouched, the Guardians still balancing on her hands.

Then with a lightning movement, she leaped up, throwing her arms up again almost too fast to see, and flung both Guardians into the sky. Stunned, Bloom looked up and saw the two girls receding at high speed, disappearing into the darkness as they got farther away from the fire. Suddenly two bright points of light appeared. The flares. Everyone kept their eyes on the lights until Hay Lin and Irma came down again under their own power. Read the rest of this entry »

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