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Confidental Adventures. Clover comes out. Part II.

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5th December 2007

Confidental Adventures. Clover comes out. Part II.

 Alex found herself facing a class of some 15 girls, all ready to prove themselves. She introduced herself and had them go through some warm up exercises while she looked over them to see if she could spot any trouble makers. Clover, on the other hand was trying out the simulators to get a handle on their new power armor toys. They had several types and she was gonna have to work hard to get them all mastered. While Alex had the ease of teaching hand to hand, Clover had much more to deal with. First there was the skin tight, leave nothing to the imagination body suit she had to wear, then the fact that the simulator room was very cold…making the suit all that much more embarrassing!!

“They have to be kidding, this thing is worse than being in a wet t-shirt contest…” Suddenly, clover regretted saying that as she imagined her darling Alex in a wet t-shirt. She had to shake that from her mind as she moved to the basic training unit, a rather ungraceful looking machine. The hatch popped open at a touch and she had to basically scramble up into it, damn bodysuit was making this almost as bad as if she was mounting up naked!! She sighed once inside and locked in. She got used to the lack of a seat and went over the controls three times before starting her test. The suit was like riding a drunken motorcycle, she almost got sick twice till she got the rhythm of it. She took a few hours in each of the other simulators before she was sure she had them down then she ran a test on herself for each one to make sure she could pass them and teach them to the new spies. She finished and headed for the small apartment on site that she had been told was hers to use…

Clover was still in her bodysuit as she headed down the hall. She hoped no one would see her as she rounded the corner and keyed the lock. She stepped inside and blushed as the door closed behind her, for there was a half naked Alex in her room!



Alex asked, wearing only her panties, holding her t-shirt against her chest, her body coated with sweat from her training class.

“Sorry, thought this was my room.”

“Um…let me see your key.” Alex asked, Clover handed it over and Alex blushed a bit more and smiled.

“Guess….we’re roomies.” Read the rest of this entry »

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