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Kitty’s New York Adventure X-Men: Evolution. Chapter 4. She’s Just So Transparent. Part 1.

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17th November 2010

Kitty’s New York Adventure X-Men: Evolution. Chapter 4. She’s Just So Transparent. Part 1.

Continue of “Kitty’s New York Adventure. X-Men: Evolution.xxx toon story.

Kitty’s New York Adventure X-Men: Evolution.

Chapter IV. She’s Just So Transparent. Part 1.

Kitty’s feelings were a little hurt. Despite the earlier sentiments that the X-Men were equal members of the superhero community, they were being treated like second class citizens. Even worse, the girls were being singled out. Sue had assigned them seating in the lecture hall that was separated from every one else. They were at least three rows higher than the other attendees. There was an actual gap that highlighted their back-of-the-bus status.

Still, it wasn’t that the program was that interesting anyway. Even though Reed Richards normally used this hall for presentations to other scientists, today it was basically status reports from the various groups and individual heroes. Accomplishments and projects and goals and lessons learned and such.

When it was the Professor’s turn, he talked about the search for new mutants, the plans to help them and protect them from an increasingly hostile population, and the ongoing efforts to thwart and/or contain the problem mutants.

Conversely, some of the presentations were fairly simple. Spider-girl just said she would continue to catch crooks and save people and shit. Not exactly in those words, of course.

The Avenger presentation was even more boring, at least when Iron Man got to the administrative part, such as talking about the bandwidth allocation on the Avenger communication satellites. The X-Men were keeping their share, which was all Kitty cared about. He stated that Stark Enterprises had just finished a couple of new sats, so once SHIELD launched them, all the groups would have a little better worldwide coverage.

Kitty noticed Sue at the side of the lecture hall, climbing the stairs to the higher seats. She had a sudden thrill when she realized that the Invisible Woman was coming toward them. Maybe she wasn’t isolating us at all, she thought excitedly. Maybe she just wanted us all together so she could sit with us!

Kitty’s happiness was short-lived, however. Just as Sue almost reached them, only a row or two to go, she suddenly stopped, then turned around and leaned against the wall, facing the podium. Now Kitty was even more depressed than before. Why did she do that? Come almost up to us, then deliberately turn her back? She’s making a statement about what she thinks of us. What did we do to piss her off? Kitty sighed mentally. At least I can look at her fine ass.

As Kitty looked at Sue’s back dejectedly, she suddenly realized that something was happening. Sue appeared to be slowly fading. Huh? Why is she turning invisible now? But after a second or two, Kitty realized that it wasn’t Sue that was fading, it was her uniform! Kitty could see Sue’s panties and bra strap now, faintly visible through the uniform. The uniform continued to fade until it completely disappeared. For all intents and purposes, Sue was standing there only in lingerie. No, that wasn’t quite right. It was the back of the uniform that was apparently missing. The front was fully visible as always. Kitty could see the sharp boundary. It looked like a cutout, as if Sue had taken sissors to the back of the uniform.

Kitty was totally flabbergasted. Sue wasn’t snubbing the x-girls, she was giving them a private show! No one else in the lecture hall, even if they had turned around and looked this way, could see anything out of the ordinary. The uniform was intact in front.

Sue turned her head around, not moving her body, and made a face at her audience. Kitty looked at her crew and everyone was transfixed. This explained why Sue had bunched all of them on one side of the lecture hall. She was putting on her display almost directly in front of them. It was pretty much impossible to miss.

As Kitty started to get damp from the sheer brazenness, the bra and panties started fading too. A few seconds later Sue was apparently butt nekkid in back. And what a butt it was. The luscious shape had been evident in panties, but now they could see every inch of it. Sue changed her position slightly, leaning against the wall with her hand rather than her shoulder so that she could spread her legs wider. She had been holding a notebook all along, but now she deliberately dropped her pen so that she could bend over and give them a full beaver shot.

Kitty couldn’t take it, spreading her legs and rubbing her pussy through her uniform. She was startled when Amara reached over and removed her hand from her pussy. Kitty looked at her with an embarrassed expression, but Amara merely put Kitty’s hand on her pussy and rubbed Kitty’s. The two teens gently stroked each other, not wanting to get too excited, while they looked at Sue’s shapely ass.

After the girls got a good look, Sue’s uniform returned to normal and the peep show was over. After waving at them, she went down to the front of the auditorium and out the exit. The breathing of the x-girls gradually returned to normal. Kitty and Amara eventually stopped playing with each other, performed one last pat, and kept their hands to themselves. The girls reluctantly returned their attention to the speaker, having heard absolutely nothing that was said for the last several minutes.

After a little while, Kitty detected a stirring amongst the girls. Something seemed to be happening a few seats down. She was in the seat fartherest from the aisle, so she had to lean forward a little to see past all the other girls.

Something was going on with Jubilee, who was in the aisle seat. She seemed to still be in a sexually excited state, even though Sue was long gone. Her eyes were closed and she was writhing around. Kitty assumed she was playing with herself through the uniform, thinking about Sue’s afterimage. Well, nothing wrong with that, as long as she kept quiet.

Kitty continued watching Jubilee, since what she was doing was far more interesting than the speaker. Apparently the other girls considered it the better presentation as well. After a short while, Kitty noticed some peculiarities of Jubilee’s body movement. Some body parts were moving in ways that didn’t seem natural. In particular, her tits were slowly moving up and down, yet her body was comparatively still. So what was making them move? And then Kitty noticed that the asian girl’s arms were on the armrests. So she wasn’t playing with herself after all.

Kitty suddenly realized what was going on. It was Sue! She hadn’t left after all. She had merely gone out the door, turned invisible, and come back in. And now she was ravaging Jubilee! Holy fuck! Kitty thought.

Apparently Sue had been feeling up Jubilee for several minutes before anyone caught on, because the teen appeared to be on the edge of orgasm. Then as Kitty watched, she showed the signs of actually having one. Jubilee didn’t make any noise, at least none that would carry more than a couple of rows, but her body movement hinted at getting off. Then she sat still, breathing hard.

The girls looked at each other in amazement. Then Rahne, who was sitting next to Jubilee, took on an even wilder expression. Apparently Sue was moving down the line of girls, because Rahne’s behavior soon replicated that of Jubilee. She was also being sexually stimulated by an unseen force.

The amazement turned to excitement as the girls waited their turn. They whispered to each other about what would soon happen. After Rahne got off, then Tiffany was next, followed by Jean, Rogue, and Amara.

Kitty’s excitement grew as the unseen sexual encounter grew ever closer to her. As the last in line, she was impatient, but on the other hand she got the most anticipation. And she got the most time to think. She decided to turn the tables on Sue, giving the Invisible Woman a little surprise of her own.

Kitty performed a genital morph, shifting the crotch of her uniform around to make room for the dong. After she got it settled, the outline was very visible under the thin cloth. She slowly stroked it to make it harder so that it would stand out even more, hoping that Sue would not notice prematurely and ruin the fun. Sue was still concentrating on Amara, however. At such proximity, Kitty could hear the whispered sex talk. Or she could at least tell the whispering was taking place.

to be continued…

Author is Jackrabbit

Kitty’s New York Adventure X-Men: Evolution.
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