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Kitty’s New York Adventure X-Men: Evolution. Chapter III. You Are Grounded, Young Lady. Part 2.

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3rd November 2010

Kitty’s New York Adventure X-Men: Evolution. Chapter III. You Are Grounded, Young Lady. Part 2.

2nd part of “Kitty’s New York Adventure X-Men: Evolution. Chapter IIIxxx cartoon story.

Kitty’s New York Adventure X-Men: Evolution.

Chapter III. You Are Grounded, Young Lady. Part 2.

Once Rogue was in the new position, Tiffany and Amara resumed the tit-sucking, only they were under her now.

Kitty pulled backwards on Rogue’s thighs, driving herself inside as hard as she could. Rogue gurgled around Jean’s dick, which was quite a mouthful. She held herself up with one hand, using the other to squeeze Tiffany’s tit.

After a few minutes, the girls rotated. Now Tiffany was fucking Rogue and Amara was getting blown. Kitty and Jean took over tit duty.

“Why aren’t you levitating us, Jean?” Kitty asked between nipple licks.

Jean’s eyes widened. “Damn, I didn’t even think of it. I guess I’m disoriented by fucking in a strange place.” She lifted all five of the girls into the air, removing some of the restrictions on positioning that gravity imposed. “Would you like a double penetration, Rogue?”

“You bet. In fact, I’d like to have you in my pussy. I’ve always wondered what that donkey dong of yours felt like. I think I’m wet enough.”

“Sure.” Jean floated Rogue into a horizontal faceup position, then placed the head of her dick against Rogue’s pussy. “Are ya ready?” At Rogue’s nod, she started pushing it in. There was nothing to grip against other than Rogue herself, so it was easier to just use telekinesis to force them together. She used slow, easy pressure, allowing Rogue to take her a little at a time. Rogue had never had anyone inside her other than Amara. The latin girl wasn’t small compared to a guy, but all of the x-girls were significantly smaller than Jean. She had the biggest dick in the mansion. Attached to either sex.

“Uhhhhhhh,” Rogue groaned.

“Am I going too fast?”

“No, I’m fine, keep going.”

Jean kept up the pressure until she was in as far as she was going to go. “Okay, it’s in.”

“Wow, it feels like a telephone pole. Gimme a minute.”

Kitty giggled. “Welcome to the club. The club of Jean’s club.”

“Uhh,” Rogue said. “Are you gonna be able to hold onto your wad with that much pressure on you?”

“I’ve been though this before,” Jean said dryly. “I’ve gotten used to tight pussies.” She slowly started thrusting.

“Ohhhhhhhh,” Rogue moaned. After a few minutes, she had adjusted somewhat. “Okay, I want somebody in my ass now. Assuming there’s any room left inside my body.”

Jean rolled the two of them over into a head down, ass up position, then drifted Kitty toward Rogue’s inviting asshole. After a little more telekinetic manipulation, Kitty was in and Rogue was sucking Tiffany’s dick and jerking Amara. As they had been doing all along, the other girls handled Rogue as much as possible while they fucked her.

By this time Rogue was so dazed that she hardly knew where she was. She didn’t care where she was. All that mattered was the sensation flowing through her.

Jean rotated the girls several times, swapping Rogueholes. She put them in pretty much all combinations except herself in the ass. None of the girls wanted her up the tailpipe, much less a rookie.

Everyone was starting to get close. “I wanna try to cum with all of ya,” Rogue said. “One at a time. Everybody stop except…” She looked to see who was in her pussy at the moment. “Tiff.” She stopped sucking and jerking dicks, just gripped them in her hands. Kitty, the only other girl who was in her, stopped thrusting but didn’t pull out.

Gasping, Tiffany slammed as hard as she could, while Rogue moaned and writhed in the air. The two of them managed to cum pretty close together. Tiffany shot her load first, but kept thrusting. It was only a few seconds before Rogue had her own orgasm, her body rocking from the force of it. “Rrrrrrraaaagggggggghhhhhh!”

Rogue writhed in the air for a second or two. “Keep going,” she said urgently. Kitty took over, hammering Rogue’s asshole without mercy as Jean lowered a wiped-out Tiffany to the bed. Both her dick and Rogue’s pussy were leaking a huge quantity of cum, but Jean had already placed a telekinetic cum shield below the action to avoid messing up Sue’s bed.

Rogue assaulted her now-inactive pussy as Kitty reamed her ass like a crazy person. It was only another twenty seconds before Rogue came again, Kitty unloading into her ass right after. Jean dropped another used-up player to the bed as Rogue moved to the next one, jerking off Amara into her mouth. After more frenzied diddling she had a third orgasm just as Amara squealed and pumped cum down her throat. Rogue worked to keep up with the flow. After being drained, a lifeless Amara was sent to the showers.

Rogue couldn’t cum any more, so she concentrated on jerking Jean, using both hands. She got a sudden faceful of cum, then slowly shifted the spraying dick so that her entire front was coated, neck to tits.

Finally the entire group was lying on the bed in a zombie state.

“Thanks for that, guys,” Rogue said dreamily. “It was awesome.”

The other girls started to snuggle up against her, but she stopped them. “Wait, let’s see how the ground is doing.” She felt her new bracelet, finding that it was only slightly warm. “All right! It looks like it will take a lot of sex to overload it.”

Kitty grinned at her. “Which you will probably do.”

“Well, whaddya expect? You guys have been fucking each other for like forever. I’m playing catch up.”

Amara giggled. “We need some sort of ceremony to accept you into the ranks of the X-Sluts as a full member.”

Rogue looked at her fondly. “I think we just had it. By the way, I will miss the flaming orgasms.”

“I liked watching those,” Kitty said. “In a way, it’s a shame that you’re cured, Amara.”

“Actually, all it means is that the flareups aren’t involuntary any more. I can still cum flame any time you guys want a donkey show.”

Rogue put the sheet over her and then took off the bracelet. “Let’s rest and go again.”

Kitty shook her head. “Not right now. We didn’t come all the way to New York to spend the whole time fucking each other. I promise we’ll fuck you day and night after we get back home. Right now we have a shitload of new people to fuck. And now you do too.”

to be continued…

Author is Jackrabbit

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