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Fairly Odd Parents Sex Story: Fairly Odd Parents – The Perfect Wish?

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10th April 2012

Fairly Odd Parents Sex Story: Fairly Odd Parents – The Perfect Wish?

Another cartoon sex story:

Fairly Odd Parents – The Perfect Wish?

Timmy tapped the sides of his fishbowl, waking up his fairy god parents. Cosmo and Wanda poofed out of the bowl and into the air.

“What is it sport?” Asked Wanda. “You got a wish?” Timmy nodded.

“Of course.” He said smugly. He pulled a piece of pare out of his pocket.

“I’ve been working on this for a while, to make sure that absolutely nothing can go wrong.” He unfolded the paper and cleared his throat. “I wish that Trixie Tang was here but her clothes were not. And that my door was magically sealed so that no one can come in or go out, or hear anything from within this room, but we can still get air inside and breath. And the same applies to my windows. And that my clothes were gone and my body would have the physical reaction of a person who had taken Viagra. And, that Trixie Tang wouldn’t question why she was here and finally that she was hornier than any other living creature on earth.” Then he noticed a PTO on his notes and he turned the page over and saw the last of his wish written on the other side. “And also that you guys were anywhere but in this room and the wish would keep on going until I say ‘I wish things were back to normal.’ Go on, grant me my wish.” Read the rest of this entry »

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