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New porn story: Dexter’s Laboratory – Experimental

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7th June 2011

New porn story: Dexter’s Laboratory – Experimental

Cartoon sex story: Dexter’s Laboratory – Experimental

Dexter carefully put a single drop of yellow liquid into a large beaker  of blue liquid. The formula instantly turned red and when it didn’t  explode, a smile spread on his face. “I have done it, my greatest invention ever is finished.” He held the  bottle up triumphantly for a minute and smiled.

The bottle was snatched out of his hands and he stared around his lab  in surprise. Dede was holding the bottle and stared at the liquid. “Pretty colour.” She said in her high pitched voice. “Dede, please be careful. That is my latest triumph. It is the  consequence of forty eight hours of work and if you destroy it now I will  introduce you to the working end of my plasma rifle.” Dede giggled and put  the bottle down, but wouldn’t take her eyes off of it. “What does it do Dexter?” Deter sighed and moved the bottle out of her  reach. “If you must know, you simpleton. It is a formula to avoid plastic  surgery. Once imbibed, this liquid will alter a person’s genetic structure  and purify it. It will rid a person of the genes that give them bad  acne, or weight problems and transform them into, what in genetic terms  could be considered, a perfect human. Plastic surgeons would pay me  millions just to keep this formula off of the market. But I intend to sell  it and make billions.” He laughed maniacally. Dede watched him make his  speech with a bored expression on her face. “Uh-huh, does it work?” Dexter stopped laughing and stared at Dede  angrily, trust her to find a way to spoil his celebration. “No, as of yet a test upon a human subject has not commenced. But such  a test is being premeditated.” He began to move away, onto the next  experiment. “Now, you obtuse woman, depart from this location and leave me  in peace.” Dede ignored him and continued to stare at the liquid.

Dexter activated his computer and began to type in a long equation.  Next project, a working warp drive. He was going to show that it could be  built and he would make millions selling the design to NASA, billions  for a working prototype. It would be delicate work, his most challenging  to date. But he felt he was up to the task. “Lets see, perhaps generating a micro-black hole and manipulating the  gravity field. Yes, that would work. Why bother pushing the ship through  space, when you can just bend space and bring your destination to the  ship.” He began to type away at an equation that would make both  Einstein and Hawking turn and say ‘could you put that in simple terms?’ But to  Dexter and his super computer, it made perfect sense.

He could hear footsteps approaching, Dede was obviously still in the  lab. He tired to ignore her and continue her calculations. He sensed her  leaning over him, and could feel her eyes watching him work, it was  very off putting. He turned to tell her to go away and his jaw dropped. Read the rest of this entry »

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