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A Little Rogue Goes a Long Way. X-Men: Evolution. Chapter 4b.

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15th September 2008

A Little Rogue Goes a Long Way. X-Men: Evolution. Chapter 4b.

Continue of A Little Rogue Goes a Long Way.

 “Give me a few minutes,” Amara said, “and then you can start up again.”

Kitty was still going strong, panting with each thrust. “I’m not gonna last much longer.”

“I want to taste Kitty’s cum,” Amara said suddenly. “Put me where she can cum in my mouth instead of in you. You already got some of her cum.”

Jean obliged by lowering Amara, at a head down angle, until her face was right above the pussy that Kitty was pounding feverishly. “Did you hear, Kitty? When you cum, pull out and let Amara have it.”

“Yeah, got it,” Kitty panted. “I’ll try.”

Kitty was getting close, a fact that was highly obvious to the other two girls. “Uhhhhhhh, I’m cumming!”

“Me, too!” Jean cried.

As requested, Kitty pulled out and thrust her hips upward, putting the dick in the vicinity of Amara’s mouth. The other girl clamped on just as Kitty squealed and the dick started to spew cum.

“Gmmmmppphf,” Amara said eloguently as her mouth filled with cum. She wasn’t quite able to keep up with the flow either, so some cum spilled over on Jean.

Kitty hung there suspended, wiped out, while Jean brought Amara over so that she could resume the blowjob. She soon had Amara moaning again, while a recovered Kitty spread her asscheeks and alternately licked her asshole and fingered it. Both girls handled Amara’s body.

Finally Amara gasped. “Put me down, Jean. I have to cum.”

Jean quickly lowered Amara to the floor, where she opened what appeared to be a closet and went inside. Less urgently, Jean brought Kitty and herself down to watch. They had seen the containment chamber in use before, but suspected it might be different this time and didn’t want to miss the show.

The chamber looked very much like a large shower stall with a full-width glass side. The material wasn’t actually glass, but it was equally transparent, so that Amara and her sex partners could at least see each other, even though they couldn’t touch. The chamber had an integral bench seat, similar to that of a sauna. Read the rest of this entry »

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