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Spies Confidental Adventures. Clover comes out. Part I.

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12th November 2007

Spies Confidental Adventures. Clover comes out. Part I.

  The girls were leaving school, Clover was still steaming over the jerk who had dumped her after one date.”That jerk…”

“I think we’ll leave that at that and not pollute the air any more.” Sam said softly as she guided Clover to a bench.

“How dare he…OOOOOO….jerk!!!”

“Calm down okay, it’s not worth it.”

Clover was fuming until she heard that voice, the voice that somehow sent shivers up and down her spine for no known reason.

“Hi girls, sorry I’m late.”

“Hey Alex, Clover’s in a bad mood.”

“What happened?”

“She got dumped…again…”

“You poor thing!”

Alex bent down to hug Clover, the innocent contact of skin on skin sent an odd tingle through Clover’s body…what was this??? She hugged Alex back. Read the rest of this entry »

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