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Addam’s Family: Perverted Values.

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27th March 2012

Addam’s Family: Perverted Values.

New cartoon porn story.

Addam’s Family: Perverted Values.

Morticia clipped the flowering heads off the rose bush. The long thorny stems looked wonderful, why did the plant have to spoil itself by growing those colourful flowers. She hummed a pleasing funeral dirge to herself.

There was a sudden rustling from the corner of the conservatory. It was Cleopatra her African strangler plant. She was making strange noises. Putting the rose pruning aside she stepped over to the plant. “What’s the matter Cleo? You can’t be hungry. You had that girl scout just last week.”

When she was six feet away from the plant its thick tendrils shot up and wrapped around her wrists and ankles. Morticia barely had time to gasp in surprise before she was hoisted up off the ground. She fought and struggled but the plant was just too strong and it’s grip too tight. Cleopatra pulled hard spreading her arms and legs wide, leaving her spread eagled and hanging painfully by her wrists. Morticia took note to do this again when Gomez was around.

“Cleo, you let me down.” But her usually loyal plant didn’t listen. “Cleo. Let me down, or no more Jehovah’s witnesses.” The vines rustled slightly but didn’t let her go.

“She won’t listen to you mother.” Came a voice from the other side of the conservatory. “I trained her too well.”

From the shadows stepped Wednesday. She was dressed in her usual long black dress with her black hair tied in pigtails. Her pale face and large blue eyes looked at her mother and she smiled like a vampire that had spotted an open vein. In one hand she held the small corpse of a squirrel. It was flat and limp. She must have picked it up off the road. She had probably run it over herself. Wednesday threw the carcass across the room and it dissapeared into the mass of Cleopatra’s vines. There was a lot of rustling as the plant consumed her treat. Read the rest of this entry »

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