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Alice in New wonderland. Chapter 11

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20th March 2012

Alice in New wonderland. Chapter 11

The next chapter of xxx toon story about Alice.

Alice in New wonderland. Chapter 11

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Alice smiled as she felt the warmth of the sun on her face. The day was bright and she had to close her eyes. She’d been inside a long time and seeing only by candlelight.

The air was sweet a slight breeze made the day perfect to be outside. Alice had been brought out into a little courtyard garden with small brightly coloured flowers and a tall tree with bright pink blossoms. Petals drifted down onto her.

Alice had been dressed in a large white robe and placed onto what looked like an armchair, complete with material coverings, three wheels and handles on the back. Her caretaker, a sphinx named Mina had wheeled her outside into a courtyard garden.

A gravel path wound its way across and to the sides were different flowers in every colour in the rainbow and a few Alice thought might not. A tall tree with bright pink blossoms showered the whole garden in a light covering of petals from its flowers.

Alice sat in her wheeled chair and smiled. Mina sat by her side holding Alice’s hand brushing her cheek against it.

“It’s beautiful Mina.”

“Just like you are Alice my precious. I have wanted to show it to you for such a long time.”

Mina had found Alice inured and dying several weeks ago in the forest. She had rescued and healed Alice and in doing so, Mina had fallen in love with her. Alice knew it was quite likely that Mina was simply suffering from the same disease that was spreading all across wonderland and it was only a matter of time until she tried to take the love she was desiring from Alice by force. As gentle as Mina was around her, Alice had already gained experience of how dangerous a woman scorned could be. She didn’t want to say anything because Mina’s claws looked very deadly. Read the rest of this entry »

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