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Alice in New wonderland. Chapter 10. Disney sex story

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6th March 2012

Alice in New wonderland. Chapter 10. Disney sex story

The next chapter of sexy cartoon story about Alice.

Alice in New wonderland. Chapter 10

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As Aradia raised the sharp branch Alice threw a handful of mud upwards. It hit its target and slapped right into the arachnid woman’s eyes. Aradia screamed and reared up on four of her legs. Alice half crawled, half jumped over to her bag and blinded by pain and tears she couldn’t even see what she as grabbing as she dived her hand inside.

Aradia cleared the mud from her eyes and spun around to face the crouching Alice. She tossed the branch aside, now she would tear the girl-child apart with her bare hands. She raised her claws and with a primal scream dived at her.

In that second Alice whipped around with the lightning quick reactions only adrenaline could produce and slashed the dagger with all the force she could muster. She felt the blade hesitate as it met resistance but the force of her swing was too great to be stopped and it slid straight on until it dug into the bark of a tree.

Aradia’s screams made Alice clear the tears from her eyes and it brought a sharp clarity to her mind, bringing the focus she needed. Aradia’s hand was missing and lying on the floor. She was holding a bloody stump in her still remaining arm. Thick green blood oozing onto to the floor. Aradia’s thick exoskeleton only went up as far as her waist and then blended and softened into human flesh. Her arms were no exception. Read the rest of this entry »

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