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Family Guy porn story: Quagmire The final fantasy

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21st January 2012

Family Guy porn story: Quagmire The final fantasy

Quagmire The final fantasy


Was it a dream or was it real

As they stepped into the shower Quagmire watched as Lois’s hair became wet, water cascading all over her, dripping down her slim body. He couldn’t believe it his best friend peter Grrifin’s wife was in the shower with him. “giggity” “giggity” “giggity”, Being naked, he could not hide how hard and horny he was, and Lois’s pussy moistened when she noticed the size and thickness of it. she had heard about it’s size but now she could see it for herself, She smiled at him, putting her arms around his neck and stepping up to him.

She kissed him lightly, still smiling, dimples appearing. She brought her hand down and started stroking his massive long thick hot cock as she kissed him again, this time her tongue slid into his mouth. Glenn grabbed the soft, wet skin of her firm white ass as they made out in the shower.

Lois broke the kiss and sunk to her knees in front of him as water poured on her back and shoulders. His hard cock was inches from her smiling face as she continued to stroke him, looking at it. She shoved it eagerly into her mouth, sinking the nearly the entire length inside all at once. He moaned as the warmth of her mouth engulfed his thick organ in an instant. He placed his hand on her wet hair, watching her lips glide up and down over the full length of his rock hard cock. She pulled his dick out of her mouth and held it straight up as she lapped at his hairy balls hungrily, sucking them deep inside her hot wet mouth. Her hand stroking his cock as she licked all over his balls and his shaft. She stood up in front of him, smiling that beautiful smile of hers. Read the rest of this entry »

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