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XXX Harry Potter story: Harry Potter and the accidental casting. Chapter 14

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18th January 2012

XXX Harry Potter story: Harry Potter and the accidental casting. Chapter 14

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Continue of  “Harry potter and the accidental casting“ sex story.

Finally finding the will to take her hands off her huge cock Ginny stepped over and lay down on the bed next to Harry. Her dick was aching for attention and from the glistening juices coming from Harry’s pussy, he was ready for her too. She leaned over Harry. One hand found his breast and she started massaging it gently, lightly squeezing the rock hard nipple between two fingers. Harry closed his eyes and started moaning softly. Ginny gently brushed the fingers of her other hand through his long red hair and looked down at him as he moaned quietly and breathed heavily under her attentions. Her lips went down and found his and the two shared a deep and passionate kiss. They opened their mouths and slid their tongues over each other, both of them breathing heavily and Harry still moaning softly. Ginny’s hand moved from his breast and right down to between Harry’s legs. Her strong fingers gave his clit a gentle squeeze. Harry’s soft moans turned suddenly to a powerful yelp of excitement. His eyes snapped open and he looked at her, the flush and the sweat spreading across his face in the blink of an eye.

“More. Oh gods Ginny more.” He begged her in a soft and breathless voice. Ginny was loving this, having the control over him instead of he over her. It was usually she was was flushed and breathless right now. Harry knew exactly where to touch her to drive her wild with desire. So she knew exactly what buttons to push on Harry’s body to achieve the same effect. Harry though, seemed to be enjoying it a lot more than she ever did. He seemed to act like the pleasure he was feeling in her body was much more intense than anything he’d ever felt in his own. Which was odd because she would say the same thing about herself in his body. Maybe it was because they just weren’t used to these bodies and the exact way they felt their sensations, pleasurable and otherwise.

Ginny started to tease Harry, though she herself was just as desperate to take this to the next level and test this new dick as Harry was to try out his new cunt. She brushed her fingers lightly around the tops of Harry’s thighs getting tantalisingly close to, but never quite touching, that soaking pussy. She could feel the heat coming off the lips when her fingers strayed close enough. She wanted to go further, but she was kinky and had to indulge just one more of her little perversions before she would feel right enough to move on. Read the rest of this entry »

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