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XXX Teen Titans story. Tamaranian Health Care. Chapter 3

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11th January 2012

XXX Teen Titans story. Tamaranian Health Care. Chapter 3

New Teen Titans porn story!

Teen Titans. Tamaranian Health Care. Chapter 3

3rd part of  XXX Teen Titans story Tamaranian Health Care

Entranced by the swaying orbs as she moved towards him, the Titan’s brain never really registered Starfire crawling toward him on her hands and knees until she practically sat on his belly and scooted back until his cock was pressed between the full checks of her gorgeous ass.

Wanting to lift his gaze away from her bosom, Starfire then used one of her slender fingers to reach under his chin before gently tilting Robin’s masked face up to look at her as she lent down and sealed their lips together in a sweet, genuine kiss. It lasted only a few seconds however and before the Boy Wonder could make a move to deepen the embrace; it was over.

Apart from her sheer beauty, something else Robin noticed about the princess as she made herself comfortable on her new seat was that she was a lot heavier then he had ever anticipated. Despite the fact that she was a tall and more than generously endowed woman, she also had a slender frame that would make any world famous super modal jealous. At a guess, Robin had thought she might weigh about ten stone at the most but he quickly realized he had been shooting about at least five short and once more; the phrase, “Not human,” echoed through his mind for the millionth time.

However, that thought was quickly lost as he looked up at her; he wasn’t sure how but even when she had had her mouth full with his cock, Starfire had managed to maintain an aura of pure innocence but at that moment she looked hot enough to melt lead.


“Ever since we first met Robin…” the princess whispered, squirming slightly in his lap to ensure she had his attention before continuing, “I’ve wanted to be this close to you Robin.” Read the rest of this entry »

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