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Harry Potter and the accidental casting. Chapter 11

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23rd November 2011

Harry Potter and the accidental casting. Chapter 11

Another famous toons sex story:

Harry Potter and the accidental casting. Chapter 11

Continue of  “Harry potter and the accidental casting“ sex story.

Myrtle started to grind her hips on Harry’s cock as her fingers found a fast pace. That warmth was spreading through her core from her cunt. The pleasure was building and her nipples were so hard they almost hurt. She began to notice something else, a new feeling growing inside her, something hot and hard, pulsing and huge, making her feel like she was being stretched. She could have sworn that she could actually feel Harry’s cock inside her, stretching her virgin pussy. She didn’t stop, she couldn’t stop even if she wanted to the feelings were becoming too good.

“Oh gods.” She cried out. “Ahhhhhh” She gasped in pain. Her eyes wide and full of hurt. She hadn’t felt pain in so long she’d forgotten how intense a feeling it was. She felt like she had a pussy, a real flesh and blood pussy and it was being split apart with a twelve inch invader rammed deep into it. She cried out in agony but she couldn’t stop herself. Her ghostly body was out of her control now and her hips wouldn’t stop moving and her fingers wouldn’t stop twisting, brushing, rubbing her lips and clit.

Harry saw the look of agony on her face and tried to stop but couldn’t. His hand kept sliding up and down his shaft, dragging him closer and closer to climax. He was groaning hard too but not from pleasure. His cock hurt, It felt like his manhood was being crushed in Myrtles tight insides, a virgin pussy that hadn’t even been made slick with juices from foreplay. Read the rest of this entry »

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