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Alice in New wonderland. Chapter 6

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16th November 2011

Alice in New wonderland. Chapter 6

New cartoon porn story:

Alice in New wonderland. Chapter 6

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Alice said a nervous hello and sat down, near the door in case she needed a quick exit. The family looked at her in silence for several seconds while Kappu pulled something out of the corner of the tent. Alice recognised it immediately, her bag.

“That’s mine.” She demanded. Kappu nodded and returned it to her. Alice didn’t want to show distrust at the boy who’d promised to give her food and water, but she rooted through the bag. Everything was there.

Kappu nodded in understanding, but the rest of the family gave Alice a hurtful look. To try and relieve the developing tension Kappu introduced everyone.

“Alice, this is my father, Shalin. My mother Heleg and my sister (Alice breathed a quiet sigh of relief) Juliat. Everyone, this is Alice she is journeying to the eastern woods.”

Alice nodded and said hello, but still felt unwelcome. She sat in silence, staring at the fire. Her stomach growled loudly and she shuffled embarrassed. Kappu moved to sit next to her.

“I suppose you would like something to eat?” He asked curiously. Alice hadn’t eaten all day. She nodded eagerly. Read the rest of this entry »

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