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Alice in New wonderland. Chapter 5

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2nd November 2011

Alice in New wonderland. Chapter 5

Another cartoon sex story:

Alice in New wonderland. Chapter 5

Continue of  “Alice in New wonderland

Alice trudged her way through the forest, the hot sun pounded overhead and while the trees provided cover from its light, they were powerless against its heat. The air was close and she was sweaty and gasping, trying to catch her breath.

She had been walking for almost an hour now, if it wasn’t for the compass Alice would have been convinced that she was walking around in circles. There wasn’t a breeze to lift the heat, and the only sound she heard was that of her own movements.

“Curious.” She said to herself, she needed to hear a voice even if it was her own. “No birds beasts our any manner of insect to be found. In a forest such as this, I would have imagined it filled with life.” Her quiet words echoed through the trees and she felt a cold loneliness taking over her.

Her stomach growled loudly and she realised that she hadn’t actually eaten anything since the bite of scone at the tea party, which could have been hours ago. Excluding that, she hadn’t eaten all day.

Alice leaned against a tree, cold water, large meal, even a gentle breeze would be enough. The heat must be getting to her, she could imagine a gentle breeze. Read the rest of this entry »

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