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8th September 2010

Six Hercules dirty cartoon pics

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8th September 2010

Sexy comics story: Kimitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery. Chapter 3. Part 2.

Sexy comics story: Kimitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

Chapter III. How Much is That Kim in the Window? Part 2.

The 2nd part of “Kimitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery  Chapter III. How Much is That Kim in the Window?

Suddenly there was a scream of rage and Kim-45 appeared, snarling and throwing her naked body against the bars while trying to grab Monique. In shock, Monique staggered backwards against Tara and stepped on the blonde girl’s foot with all her weight. When Tara cried out in pain, Kim-45 immediately stopped clawing the air and dropped her arms. She stood there against the bars with a confused look on her face for several seconds, then went into a rage again.

“That was weird,” Bonnie said. “What just happened?”

“It was the behavior inhibitor,” Kim responded. “Hearing Tara in pain shut her down temporarily, even though she didn’t directly cause it.”

“You’re right,” Bonnie said thoughtfully. “They are different from the old clones.”

Tara hadn’t seen the earlier Kimclones in person, just on the TV show, and she marvelled at how much this one resembled Kim. Of course, her hair was a mess, but you wouldn’t expect a mindless clone to worry about personal grooming. “She looks like she just stepped out of the shower.”

“Maybe she did. The automatic hosedown happens several times a day.”

The clone was still trying to grab someone, and made inarticulate sounds of rage over the fact that she could not reach. “Hold her arms,” Kim said. “I’ll take one wrist and you get the other. Now.”

Kim and Bonnie each latched onto one of K45’s wrists. Needless to say, this upset her even more, and she struggled to get her hands free, making sounds of intermixed anger and distress. But they managed to hold onto to her and she eventually quit fighting so hard, finally getting it through her almost empty head that she was wasting her time. She continued to snarl at them and made periodic attempts to break free, but for the most part she was quiescent.

Kim spoke to the clone in a soothing voice. “That’s better, baby girl. No one is going to hurt you. Monique, take this arm.” After the other girl did so, she said, “Ease off, you’re pulling her against the bars too hard. We don’t want to hurt her.”

Kim approached the cell slowly, again making calming sounds. The clone again tried to get her hands free and went into another frenzy of growling. Kim reached through the bars and stroked her gently on the neck. K45 tried to bite, but of course could not reach her own neck. Kim continued caressing her neck, getting her used to the idea of being touched. Then she started running her hands slowly and gently all over the clone’s naked body, gradually working her way into the intimate areas.

K45 appeared to be confused by these strange new sensations, but the sounds she was making were no longer angry in nature. Kim softly spoke to her again. “You like that, don’t you? Tara, come and take over. Just feel her up all over. But don’t make any sudden movements. Take it slow and gentle.”

Tara cautiously approached the cell and started handling K45 as the real Kim had done. She also continued the calming sweet talk, telling K45 what a good girl she was and so on. The clone was shaking a little as Tara gently squeezed the tits and stroked the nipples. Now K45 was making sounds more like a normal girl under the same stimulation.

K45 was not trying to get her hands free any more, concentrating more on the feelings going through her body. Kim slowly took the hand Bonnie was holding and placed it on Bonnie’s tit, closing the clone’s fingers around it. K45 seemed to like touching it, as her little sounds of pleasure increased. Taking Kim’s lead, Monique did the same with the hand she was holding, placing it on her own tit. Kim took off her top and bra, then transferred the hand on Bonnie to her own bare tit. K45’s eyes were closed now and she was breathing harder, making her seem even more like a normal girl.

By now Bonnie was topless too, so she took K45’s other hand away from Monique and pressed it on her tit. She manipulated the fingers to brush her nipples.

Monique stuck her face though the bars and started sucking K45’s tits, causing the clone to moan and rest her chin on one of the crossbars. Tara began rubbing her pussy, making the moaning louder. K45’s body started to writhe, and she opened her legs wider.

“Wow, that was handy,” Tara said. “I was wondering how I would get her legs open. I think I’ll lick her now. You said she was clean, right?”

“Sure. Do her. But if you finger her too, be careful of her cherry.”

Tara looked at Kim in surprise. “Does that really matter? I mean, it’s not as if she is saving herself for some guy. She doesn’t even know she has a cherry.”

“Just remember that she’s fully intact. She hasn’t ridden horses or bicycles and she hasn’t diddled herself. She’s like an 50s-style Ozzie and Harriet virgin who hasn’t done anything. It might hurt if you break her, or at least make her uncomfortable. It might distract her from sex and we could wind up fighting her again.”

“Good point. I’ll be careful.” Tara gently spread K45 open and made a tentative lick, then analyzed the taste. Just like Kim, she thought. Well, duh, Tara, she IS Kim. She started licking in earnest. With one hand she gently probed into the pussy. With the other, she unzipped her jeans, pushed her hand into her panties, and started playing with herself.

By now the other girls were diddling themselves as well, while still stimulating K45. The clone was now moaning nonstop and thrashing her head around, totally oblivious to anything other than the sensations flowing through her. Tara was licking and fingering her, Monique was sucking her tits, Bonnie was squeezing her hand between her own tits, Kim was rubbing K45’s other hand against her pussy.

“Wow,” Bonnie panted. “She’s really enjoying it.”

“Well, it is her first time. It’s kind of overwhelming for her.”

They continued on like that for several minutes. “I think she’s gonna cum,” Kim said. “Let’s try to cum with her.” Kim put K45’s hand on her shoulder, to avoid dropping it and walked up her arm to the bars. She put her own arm around her duplicate’s back in case she collapsed after cumming. Then she did herself feverishly.

Everyone came pretty close together, including K45, who screamed from the force of it. Her body spasmed several times. Then she started crying. Sure enough, she went limp and would have fallen down if Kim had not been holding her. After recovering from their own orgasms, the girls reached through the bars and eased K45 down to the floor, handing her off to each other at the crossbars.

The clone continued crying for a minute or two and then fell asleep.

“Is she okay?” Monique asked.

“Sure. They always do this the first time. It’s just a little intense to cum when you don’t even know what sex is.”

One of K45’s feet was sticking out of the bars. Kim pushed it back inside and then closed the outer door.

“That was fun,” Tara said. “Are we going to try a Bonnie now? After we rest a little?”

“I have no problem with it,” Bonnie said. “It’ll be a little weirder for me, but if Kim can handle it, so can I.”

“Okay, we can do a B-model,” Kim said, “but not one of these. This time we’re going through the other door so we can walk on the wild side.”

“Having sex with clones isn’t wild enough?”

to be continued…

Author is Jackrabbit

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