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Bad Kitty! Bad! X-Men: Evolution! Chapter III. The Morning After.

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14th July 2010

Bad Kitty! Bad! X-Men: Evolution! Chapter III. The Morning After.

Another Cartoon Porn story.

Bad Kitty! Bad! X-Men: Evolution!

Chapter III. The Morning After.

Continue of “Bad Kitty! Bad! X-Men: Evolution!

Kitty was late getting up the next morning. The events of the night before had exhausted her. Her balls would probably be aching if she still had them. But after a shower, she felt pretty much like herself again.

She planned to spend the afternoon with her parents in Bayville. But for the time being she just wanted to relax.

It was not to be, however. She heard a knock at the door, and the visitor turned out to be Jean. “Can we talk?”

Kitty hesitated, then nodded. “Okay.” The two girls sat on the bed.

Jean took a deep breath. “First, I want to apologize about your dress. If the cum stains can’t be removed, I’ll pay for it.”

“Jesus, Jean, who cares about the dress? Fuck the dress!”

Jean blinked. “Uh, right. Well, keep it in mind anyway. About the other, I’m sorry for that too. I shouldn’t have been so hard on you.”

“Hard on me? I throw a rock at you and you retaliate with a nuclear warhead! What you did went way beyond payback.” She sighed. “If it had just been the people around here, it wouldn’t have been so bad. They all know I’m a sex fiend. All of us here are, and I’ve pretty much fucked all of them at one time or another. Sure, I would have been embarrassed, but we would have all laughed about it later. Another story to tell around the campfire. Just like with the phase strip.”

“I would have been perfectly satisfied to do that. That was my original plan. But you wouldn’t let me. You kept avoiding everyone, so there was no way to temporarily embarrass you with an involuntary sex show. I guess I was getting frustrated and last night was the only way to get you.”

Kitty was thoughtful. “I guess I see what you mean. If I had just taken my medicine, the whole thing would have been long over.” She shook her head. “But that doesn’t justify bringing the parents into it.”

“But they weren’t really in it. They never knew a fucking thing.”

“But I didn’t know that! I was shitting bricks! I love my parents and all, but you don’t really know what they are like. If they had actually seen any of that, I’d never have heard the end of it. Just knowing I was having sex at all would set them off. Not to mention sex with partners of both genders. Heaven forbid with my own dong. Your parents are way more liberated, so you just don’t know.” Read the rest of this entry »

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