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Alice in New wonderland. Chapter II

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7th July 2010

Alice in New wonderland. Chapter II

Disney Porn Story. Alice in New wonderland.

Chapter II.

Continue of  “Alice in New wonderland. Chapter I“.

Alice approached the sounds of laughter, a smile slowly spreading on her face. She pushed a few low branches aside and stepped into a small clearing.

There was a long table, a full tea service, complete with scones that had jam and cream. The table had a dozen places set, but only five people sitting in the chairs. A man with white hair, dressed in a violently purple top hat and lime green suit sat at the head of the table. A hare in a bright red smoking jacket sat next to him. A white rabbit in a small black waistcoat, with a gold pocket watch, sat opposite the hare. And a strange man with dark skin, dressed in a sky blue suit, and a large blue turban sat next to the rabbit. He was the one smoking the from a long hookah, it was from him that Alice could smell the opium.

It was her old friends, the mad hatter, the march hare and the white rabbit, who the man in the blue suit was Alice didn’t know, but she supposed wonderland had lots of people and creatures she’d never met before. That was the whole point of coming back, new people, new places and new adventures.

They all had stopped talking and laughing and stared at Alice with curiosity. Finally, after a minute of uncomfortable silence, the mad hatter rose to his feet. “Hello.” He said pleasantly. “Won’t you join us for a cup of tea?” Alice couldn’t curtsy without and dress (only men bowed), she compromised by slightly bending her knees and adding a nod to the head. Creating a mixture between curtsy and bow.  “Don’t mind if I do.” She said taking a seat opposite the man in the blue suit.  “Scone?” Asked the March hair, handing her the plate of cakes. Alice took one and placed it on a saucer. The mad hatter handed her a cup of tea and she sipped at it slowly.  “Do you like it?” Asked the white rabbit. Alice nodded her head. “Yes, it’s quite nice.”

The March hair felt the material of her jacket. “Why don’t you take that off?” He asked. Now that Alice thought about it, she was rather warm, also, it was rude to keep on coats and jackets while taking tea. “I think I shall.” She pulled it off and placed it onto the empty chair next to her and took a bite of her scone. “Do you like it?” Asked the March hare. Alice smiled and nodded. “Yes, very much, thank you.” Read the rest of this entry »

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