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Jimmy Neutron Sex Story. Chapter I.

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30th June 2010

Jimmy Neutron Sex Story. Chapter I.

Jimmy Neutron Sex Story. Chapter I.

Jimmy was in it now, before him a holographic image of his mother was sucking his dick. But this was not ordinary hologram, it was a sexogram. A Holographic image that also acted as a sex toy or bot. In this case, Jimmy had retrofitted Goddard for the task. Just moments ago, Jimmy’s mother had taken a shower, a quite long and hard shower. Unknown to her, Jimmy was in his lab testing out this invention with a great vigor. In front of him a lovely and realistic naked 3D Judy Neutron switched places on command.

“Program, Let me see you pussy” Jimmy commanded. The Holgram obeyed and Jimmy had a lovely view of Judy’s unshaved vagina as she bent over while he laid under her.

“Program: Shaved Pussy” he said, and instantly she was now Shaved, showing a glistening lip.

Enjoying the view, Jimmys Penis needed some stroking but would he do it? Hell no;

“Program, Handjob, View Still” Jimmy said, and a small hand opened up from the floor and found his cock. It knew what to do, stroking it at a modest pace, with lapses in the motion so it would be as human as possible. But he did not want to end his adventure yet, after a few minutes of stroking and looking upon his Mother, he needed the lips to open. “Program, masturbate yourself.” he said.

Jimmy’s mothers hands left her legs and while still bent over, proceeded to finger herself and play with her boobs. Jimmy couldn’t have designed this thing any better. Over 4 months of spying on his mother led him to develop a very close replica of her. He had also almost completed a Cindy Vortex Sexogram, a Betty one, and a buggy version of Libby during which the User Rapes her. Cindy and Libby’s Holograms were actually quite easy. Since they took gym, he just used that time to measure them up with one of his inventions. The same went for Betty’s Hologram, but Jimmy wanted hers to be perfect. To capture his mothers insane curves and tight body, while she was sleeping he ran tests. She was naked of course, so Jimmy masturbated three times just to get it out of his system while he was working on her measurement. By the time he was done, she had sperm all over her face. Jimmy had to fight himself to keep his cock in his hands. But the deed was done and Jimmy had her none the less. Read the rest of this entry »

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