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Bad Kitty! Bad! X-Men: Evolution! Chapter II. Open House. Part 2

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23rd June 2010

Bad Kitty! Bad! X-Men: Evolution! Chapter II. Open House. Part 2

Hot X-Men Story: Bad Kitty! Bad! X-Men: Evolution!

Chapter II. Open House.

Part 2 (Continue of  “Bad Kitty! Bad! X-Men: Evolution! Chapter II. Open House. Part 1“.)

Jean stepped up the barrage of sensation. The invisible tendrils were moving faster now, with more pressure. Kitty was having more and more trouble with control. Jean lifted her completely out of her chair, hovering a few inches above it. At the same time, she spread the hapless girl’s legs and lifted them up. Now that her asshole was in the clear, Jean fucked that too.

Kitty was almost mindless by now, unable to think about anything other than the sensations flowing through her. Yet the imperative to be quiet was still holding somehow. Even though she was whipping her head around, any noises she made were slight. Thus far, she still hadn’t caught the attention of anybody in the front of the room.

It was obvious to all of the X-kids that Kitty was nearing orgasm. They again looked toward the front of the room anxiously.

Bobby was sitting next to Tiffany. She whispered in his ear. “Do you have a clean handkerchief?” He nodded and handed it to her. She slowly stood up and when Kitty’s head stopped moving for a second, she clapped the handkerchief over her friend’s mouth. Kitty looked at her blearily, then nodded. From that point on, she tried to keep her head still so that the muffler could work.

As Kitty’s orgasm hit, Jean released her control on the smaller girl’s movement. It was a huge orgasm, and Kitty flailed her arms and legs around now that she could use them again. Tiffany held the handkerchief up against her mouth hard, managing to follow the involuntary movements. Miraculously, very little sound escaped. More anxious looks toward the front confirmed that somehow no one had heard. The families were still following the presentation.

Kitty hung there limply. She was unable to move again, but this time it was because of lack of energy.

She heard Jean’s voice in her head again. “Was it good for you too?

It WAS kinda nice, if a little stressful,” Kitty replied numbly. “Okay, you’ve had your fun. Ya got me good. Now put me back in my chair and lemme pull my skirt back down before somebody turns around.

Oh, no. You’re cumming more than once, remember?

Jesus, Jean. After that, I think my pussy is kaput no matter what you do to it.

I wasn’t planning on doing your pussy this time.

Huh? So how do you… Oh! Oh, no! No, no, no, no, no, no! You can’t mean what I think you mean!

Why not? I want to see how far you can shoot cum.Read the rest of this entry »

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