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Harry Poter Porn Story: Harry potter and the accidental casting. Chapter II.

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2nd June 2010

Harry Poter Porn Story: Harry potter and the accidental casting. Chapter II.

Harry potter and the accidental casting. Chapter II.

Continue of xxx cartoon story “Harry potter and the accidental casting“.

Before she could go, Harry’s hand shot out and grabbed her arm. “Wait.” He gasped. He slid off the bed and lay on the floor, never relaxing his grip and dragging Hermione down with him. “It’s fading. I can breath again.” His limbs began to move and he was regaining muscle control. He sat up and looked at Hermione’s concerned face. “I think you need to look at that recipe again.”

He started to laugh, but was interrupted. He fell back as another wave of pain shot through his body, but this one was deeper. More concentrated in one place. Hermione watched, helplessly as the effects of the potion took him. “Harry?”

He leapt to his feat, n obviously pain. He began thrashing at his robes, half pulling, half tearing them off.  “Too tight.” He yelled as he threw the black robes across the room and turned to his other clothing.

Hermione saw a bulge in his jeans, threatening to rip the denim and still getting larger. Harry yanked open to buttons and pulled away his jeans. “My god.” She gasped.

Harry’s boxers were ripped in two and through the torn material was a rapidly growing and hardening cock. Eight inches, and still gong. Harry collapsed to his knees and in obvious discomfort. Ten inches, slowing down, but still going. Hermione leapt over to his side, sweat was pouring down his face. Twelve inches, an inch and a half wide and was rock solid.

Harry lay gasping and stared at both Hermione and himself.  “The recipe is fine.” He finally gasped. “It’s just the use you need to look at.”

Hermione barely heard him, she couldn’t take her eyes off of his massive dick. Thick veins throbbed all along the shaft, and a drop of pre cum was sitting on the circumcised purple head. Her body had a natural reaction and she could feel her pussy demanding attention. Read the rest of this entry »

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