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Bad Kitty! Bad! X-Men: Evolution! Chapter Ib. Phase Me, Baby. Part 2

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16th May 2010

Bad Kitty! Bad! X-Men: Evolution! Chapter Ib. Phase Me, Baby. Part 2

Bad Kitty! Bad! X-Men: Evolution!

Chapter I. Phase Me, Baby.

Part 2. Continue of toon sex story “Bad Kitty! Bad! X-Men: Evolution!.

Jean nodded. “I’ll probably laugh about it later, but in the meantime you can look forward to something equally entertaining when Kitty gets hers. And Tabitha too.”

“It was kinda nice seeing your body again,” Tiffany said shyly. “Even though it was a really quick look.”

Jean smiled. “Would you like a longer one?” She turned around, presenting her back, and lifted her hair up, exposing the buttons to her blouse.

The smaller girls took the hint and undid her, taking alternate buttons. Then to save time, Rahne unclasped the bra as well. A quick pull on both items and Jean was topless again. She faced the other girls and they gazed lovingly at her awesome tits. “Everyone seems to want to strip me today.”

“Everyone always wants to strip you,” Tiffany countered. “Who would not want to?”

Rahne and Tiffany each took a tit and devoured it. “Ooooooohhh,” Jean murmured, pressing a hand to both of their heads.

As she licked and sucked Jean’s tit, Rahne unzipped the older girl’s pants, then pushed her hand inside the panties. “Ohhhh, you’re wet already.” At the same time, she felt Tiffany’s fingers at her own zipper, then rubbing her pussy. She reciprocated, sucking the tit hands-free while she fingered both Jean and Tiffany.

Jean lifted the three of them into the air, so slowly that the other girls barely noticed that they weren’t on the bed any more. The three of them hung there and kissed as they undressed each other, dropping the clothes down to the bed.

Now that all of them were naked, the younger girls returned to sucking Jean’s tits and rubbing her pussy and that of each other. Tiffany fingered Jean on the inside while Rahne stroked her clit. At the same time, Jean fondled the much smaller tits of the other two girls, lightly stroking the nipples. Read the rest of this entry »

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