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XXX Cartoon Story: Dragonball Z Homework’s Perks. Chapter II.

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12th May 2010

XXX Cartoon Story: Dragonball Z Homework’s Perks. Chapter II.

Dragonball Z Homework’s Perks. Chapter II.

Continue of cartoon sex story “Dragonball Z Homework’s Perks”.

As Videl looked at him and saw the lust in his eyes, a twinge of fear grow under her lust. Gohan would never intently hurt her but when he got aroused, he wasn’t completely in control of his strength, on more then one occasion Gohan had left her unable to walk.

Meanwhile Gohans hands had spread her long shapely legs to reveal her soaked opening. A sensuous moan escaped Videl’s lips as she felt his hot tongue parting her folds and sliding into her damp womanhood; now and then his teeth would gently scrape on her clit, before his skilled tongue resumed its teasing licking.

“Oh, yeah… fuck, Gohan!” Gohan’s tongue was twirling around into her tight slick passage, tenderly stroking her velvety inner walls as the slippery love nectar that leaked out of her pussy slid into his open mouth.

Videl was in a state of pure bliss, Gohan was absolutely awesome, he had always had a strange power to be able to tell what would bring her the greatest pleasure. The black haired sayain was eagerly thrusting his tongue in and out of his beautiful girlfriend’s hot slit; the enticing scent of her sticky honey was pervading his nostrils and making him even more anxious to be inside her once again. He fastened his entrances lightly biting her moist folds with his teeth once a while; till he heard his name echoing off the wooden walls of the small room as she came into his mouth in a gush of steamy essence.

Videl could still feel her inner walls contracting and her cum oozing out of her pussy and into her boyfriend’s amazing mouth. As the pleasure began to die down she felt Gohan move his head away from her and she watched as Gohan sat on his bed and began to remove his clothes. As Videl heard the soft thud of Gohan’s clothes hit the ground, his lips attacked hers in passionate kiss.

Gohan’s hands sank under Videl’s body before lifting her up enough for him to slide beneath her, breaking there kiss in the process. Gohan griped her hips, positioning her so she was just above his manhood before impaling her on his hard member. Videl gasped in surprise and then let out a long moan as she felt his thick manhood filling her hot tight canal, she could also hear a groan coming from Gohan who had his forehead pressed onto her shoulder. Read the rest of this entry »

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