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Snow White Soapy and Dopey. Chapter I. Snow White Sex Story.

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21st April 2010

Snow White Soapy and Dopey. Chapter I. Snow White Sex Story.

Adult Snow White Story

Snow White  Soapy and Dopey. Chapter I.

Snow white lowered herself gently into the bath. The dwarfs had been so nice to make this for her. They had carved it out of a large fallen log and had placed it underneath a tree. It was so nice to have a hot bath surrounded by the beauty of nature. She had been getting a little dirty and had long since needed this nice hot bath. The warm suds and hot water washed over her and she felt her stiff muscles instantly begin to relax. She really had been missing this. She lay back and sighed happily. She started rubbing her hands over her body, brushing the soapy water along herself to rub away the dirt. Her hands rubbed over her ample breasts, rubbing her fingers over her nipples. They grew hard under her touch. One hand stayed on her breast, starting to knead in under her palm. The other strayed lower. Past her thin stomach and to the tiny forest of hair between her legs. IN this house she had no privacy. This was one of the few moments when she had extended time to herself.

She tingled as her fingers started to move. She hummed with content as a warmth started to spread from her core that had nothing to do with the hot water. She spread her legs apart as wide as she could and slid a finger into her tightness. She felt a slight judder rush up her spine as her hand brushed against her inside. She moved the digit around, spreading and touching all of the folds. Her eyes widened and her mouth parted slightly. A small cry escaped her throat.

She slid down into the bath, right up to her neck. She was surprised at the intensity of the feelings that emanated from even these light explorations. It seemed her body had been more than eager for this long overdue release and had taken a whole new life of its own. She moaned and puffed slightly when her fingers stroked the tiny fleshy nub of her clit. Each tiny move was like a shock of electricity. She felt a sweat break out on her forehead when she pinched it especially hard and she her eyes begin to tear but she wasn’t in pain. Far from it. Read the rest of this entry »

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