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Family Guy Part 4. Chris and Meg Bonding

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15th August 2009

Family Guy Part 4. Chris and Meg Bonding

Family Guy XXX

Chris and Meg Bonding

Note to readers part 3 is still being worked on but finding it a bit hard to get into it as it starts from the end of part 2 so it is ethier 3 females or just 2 females. i hope this is ok with the readers.

thank you


Meg had just gotten back from school and as she climbed the stairs she heard a noise coming from her brother Chris’ room.  His bedroom door was ajar so she pushed it open just a little bit more.  Meg’s eyes widened as she beheld the sight of her brother Chris who was lying on his bed with his massive 12 inch cock in his hand masturbating and mumbling her name.

It had only been recently that they had discovered the desire to share their bodies with one another.  Meg had held back her incestuous thoughts for fear of offending her bother who she’d loved only to find out that he was interested in her as well.  Meg stood at the end of   Chris’ bed and felt the wetness growing between her legs in her young cunt.  A warm flush started in meg’s belly and spread through her whole body to her young tight wet hairless cunt.  Chris’ eyes were closed while his hand stroked his 12 inch long monster cock.

Meg heard him again  ” meg, meg, meg” he whispered to himself.

“Oh yes meg I want you!  Oh yeah that’s it meg!  Stroke it for me meg harder faster!”  he whispered to himself getting just a little bit louder each time he said it.  She watched the way he rolled his fingers as he stroked up and then pulled the foreskin of his thick 12 inch cock back as his hand drew near the base of his monster cock.  His other hand cupped his large plum sized balls and rolled them gently in his hand.  Meg watched as his fat finger pressed the soft area just between his balls and his arse.

Never had meg witnessed a boy do that to themselves before.  She had only ever saw Brian their pet dog humping her mother’s leg and had let him hump her leg on purpose so  that she could see his massive dog prick.  She stepped closer to her bother’s bed and inhaled the musky aroma of his body as he came closer to releasing his hot white sticky spunk.  The musk of his sweat and her arousal combined to a sultry sweet smell.  Meg saw the clear precum seeping from Chris’ pee hole in the tip of the swollen purple cock head at the tip of his massive cock.

Meg’s hand slipped down her belly into her short school skirt that she was wearing and down over her hairless mound.  Her fingers deftly unbuttoned and lowered her short skirt so that she could touch herself easily.  Meg felt the warmth of her flesh as she probed her soft hairless mound and found her dripping wet tight young cunt.  Her long fingers slid over her erect clitoris making her jump at her touch and making her hunch her hips up let her finger go down into the moist folds of her tight wet cunt and up into her tight cunt opening.  She slowly inserted her long middle finger in too her tight wet cunt as deeply as she could making her moan softly. 

Her soft moans caused her brother to open his eyes making him freeze his movements when he saw his sister meg standing over him.  Not until he realized that she had her finger buried deep in her tight wet cunt did he relax and resume his efforts.  Chris startled meg by speaking to her. Read the rest of this entry »

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