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X-Men: Evolution.Chapter 10. Busted

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30th January 2009

X-Men: Evolution.Chapter 10. Busted

Continue of A Little Rogue Goes a Long Way.

After Jean recovered from the shock, she started in. “What in the hell do you guys think you—?”

Scott cut her off. “Fuck that. We have to get all of you out of here, quick. Logan’s on his way. Grab all the clothes and get ready to port. Don’t worry about whose is whose, just grab something.”

Recognizing the urgency in his tone, the girls simply followed orders and snatched the clothing off the floor. Kurt and Scott grabbed armfuls as well.

“I can’t take everybody at once,” Kurt said after everything had been picked up. “Groups of three.”

Everybody’s hands were full, including Kurt’s, so Amara, Rogue, and Jean just sort of backed up against him. Rogue was naked, but Kurt was clothed, so he didn’t get zapped by her power. They all disappeared. After a few seconds, Kurt was back and took Scott, Kitty, and Tabitha away from the Cerebro chamber.

Kitty was disoriented for a second or two, then she recognized Scott’s room.

“Go through the clothes,” Scott said. “Make sure we didn’t leave anything behind.”

The girls sorted through the pile and pulled out their own things. Soon the pile was gone.

“I can’t find my panties,” Amara said in alarm. “I saw them in somebody’s armful, but they must have been dropped before the port.”

Scott turned to Kurt. “Go back for them. Go to the hallway outside Cerebro first. If the door’s open, we’re too late. If it’s not, port inside and grab the panties before Logan gets there.”

Kurt ported and shortly reappeared with the panties. Instead of giving them to Amara, he took a sniff. “Ahhhh, high octane stuff. I give it two thumbs up.”

“Give me those!” Amara snapped, snatching the panties from his hand.

“All right, Scott,” Jean said. “What’s this all about? How did you know we were in there? How did Logan know?”

“You guys set off an alarm. The sensors detected detonations in there.” Read the rest of this entry »

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