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X-Men porn. Chapter 2. Interview With the Weapon

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29th July 2008

X-Men porn. Chapter 2. Interview With the Weapon

Continue of A Little Rogue Goes a Long Way.

 Kitty was starving, as she had missed breakfast. Since it was not a mealtime, she expected to find the kitchen table empty. But she was startled to find X-23 sitting there with a bowl of cereal. Kitty hesitated, then went on in. She poured her own bowl of cereal, then went over to the table. “Do you mind if I sit with you?”

X-23 glanced up with her usual scowl, then returned to her cereal. “Whatever.”

When X-23 had first arrived, everyone had been scared to death of her, since she was basically a killing machine in human form and angry at the world to boot. But they found out later that the Professor had agreed to let her stay as long as she allowed him to put a mental block on her. With the block in effect, she was incapable of unsheathing her adamantium claws inside the Institute, or anywhere on the grounds. The lone exception was the Danger Room, and even then only during an exercise.

Even though she wasn’t quite as dangerous with her claws disabled, most of the residents of the Institute still avoided her whenever possible, as she still retained her anti-social tendencies, and the only person she could relate to even remotely was Mr. Logan. Still, Kitty tried to reach out to her on occasion, such as when she invited X-23 to the Jubilee party. X-23 didn’t have a good time, of course, since she wasn’t capable of it, but at least she stayed in the corner and didn’t disrupt everyone else’s fun. It was sort of a symbolic victory that she was there.

Kitty sat there in silence, working on her cereal. Even if X-23 had been willing to talk, what was there to talk about? She just couldn’t relate to anyone else. Even Mr. Logan had had a childhood once. X-23 never had one.

At least X-23 had decent table manners. Kitty had been surprised by that, since her only purpose was killing, but then she was intended to be an assassin, so perhaps she had been trained to blend in with society, even though she wasn’t a part of it.

Finally Kitty thought of something to say. “Good work in the training session yesterday.”

X-23 looked at her with no expression. “Of course I was good. I was designed for it. I have no other purpose.” Read the rest of this entry »

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